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Slayer: A Vampire Slayer Legacy (book 1)

K.C. Rodgers

Twenty-year-old Imani Rathbone is not an ordinary young rapper who's trying to get noticed, after she discovers that the females in her family are vampire slayers. She also finds out that she's one of them and the ten-thousandth Slayer, Imani knew that it was her destiny, after she was attacked by t... more info

Story about: vampires and demons

Ongoing: 04 Dec 14 pages
15 9 2

Rating: 3

#30 in Mystery
#4 in Paranormal
#70 in Fantasy
#4 in Urban fantasy


Hades Online: Succubus 2

Alex Itsios

I am Zephyros, outcast and lawbreaker, now sentenced to worst punishment my judges could serve – to become a disposable soldier made to die in war against the enemy, the demon lords. So, who could have thought that I could overcome my punishment to become the greatest warrior of the Emissaries of ... more info

Story about: succubus, harem, vampires and demons

Ongoing: 06 Jan 3 pages
89 3 2

Rating: 0

#7 in Science fiction
#1 in LitRPG
#86 in Fantasy
#26 in Dark fantasy

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