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The Golden School Of Magic

Flora Luxar

In our lives even a small incident can inspire us to do many impossible things. The main thing which you need to complete the impossible tasks is faith. It is said that faith can even move mountains. Magic is losing its importance in the current world and those who like to learn magic infact who... more info

Story about: wizards, the golden school of magic, romance urban chicklit fiction

Ongoing: 15 Aug 12 pages
250 7 5

Rating: 1

#81 in Fantasy
#11 in Action fantasy


Dimensions Sail-through

K.R Webber

Join Roderick's adventures in every dimensions possible like Intergalactic, Western, Fairy Tale like, Gothic, Cosmic horror and many more absurd alike. THE CATCH: If he sleeps, he dies. And if he wants to survive, the world around him has tasks for him. Decision is his... READ IT AS SATIRE OR FUN... more info

Story about: humor, betrayals, wizards

Ongoing: 12 Sep 35 pages
280 7 18

Rating: 4

#71 in Fantasy
#11 in Action & Adventures

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