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Mystery of the Blue Mountain

Elena Orekhova

Based mostly on a diary. Extraordinary events and personalities. Travel to India and its mystical places. Sergey Tsarev is a secret service agent. A drug cartel offers 5 million dollars for his head. The Russian division of the Interpol hides him in a group of pilgrims heading to India. There, Serge... more info

Text includes: mysticism, india, adventures

In progress: 19 Jan 128 pages
970 15 24

Overall Rating: 23

Current rating:
#1 at Action & Adventures
#2 at Mystery


The Adventures of Otokichi

Vincent Especkerman

Diplomat, translator, trader and accidental hero. This book celebrates the life and adventures of this colourful 19-century Japanese character. Otokichi Yamamoto is a revered historical figure whose life affected not only the people of Japan, his country of birth, but also the global community. His ... more info

In progress: 16 Dec 31 pages
526 15 11

Overall Rating: 5

Current rating:
#2 at Action & Adventures
#40 at Romance
#2 at Historical Romance


Furry In Love


Mariya was once a human, without a fur to be exact. Her whole life she was trap between going back and forth from her school to her apartment, and her best friend's unending barrage of exasperation. Life was easy, everything goes smoothly without a hitch until one day everything goes upside down, li... more info

Text includes: mystery, teenfiction, furry

In progress: 13 Dec 12 pages
184 3 4

Overall Rating: 1

Current rating:
#30 at Fantasy
#14 at Romantic fantasy
#3 at Action & Adventures

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