Books in the genre of Action fantasy


The Ancient Sultan

Aubrey L

(WORKING IN PROGRESS) Weston was born and raised without a clue how his life would lead him to be one of the greatest sultans of all Mesopotamia. Now he must learn how to maintain a kingdom and honor his new family, He takes control of his own rules instead of the traditional standards or governs t... more info

Text includes: magic, king, historical fiction

In progress: 06 Dec 111 pages
334 9 4

Overall Rating: 2

Current rating:
#20 at Romance
#3 at Historical Romance
#10 at Fantasy
#1 at Action fantasy


The Warhelen


A lady warrior, who meets a mysterious prince as her enemy. She was sent by their duke of west to am mission, where she met the prince. But suddenly the tables turned, as she knows her true enemy was the duke of west. But is what the prince saying is true? Were they're gonna find the justice the... more info

Text includes: pirates, kingdoms

In progress: 06 Dec 7 pages
63 3 5

Overall Rating: 3

Current rating:
#14 at Fantasy
#9 at Romantic fantasy
#3 at Action fantasy


The 4 Sigils - Book One: Winter's Malice

Kirisame Reflet

Four sigils, encompassing the Four Fiends born from the malice of a warlock. Nine decades has passed since the war against the Four Fiends, and the realm of Almina knew peace since then. It was wintertime in the realm, and the small, humble village of Melunia are preparing for a feast every Jan... more info

Text includes: adventure, winter, dragon

In progress: 05 Dec 30 pages
69 2 1

Overall Rating: 0

Current rating:
#32 at Fantasy
#6 at Action fantasy
#4 at Epic fantasy


Fickle Things - Outset

The Terakali

Draga Konungur is a human summoned by The One True God, Tetral- or Tet, for short- into a reality foreign to himself. The world itself is ancient, having it's own enriching lore of magical conquest between the fifteen chosen races and the Old Gods, but most of that is only tangential to Draga's goal... more info

Text includes: magic, gods, other worlds

In progress: 11 Dec 24 pages
267 2 3

Overall Rating: 0

Current rating:
#38 at Fantasy
#4 at Action fantasy
#27 at Contemporary fiction
#4 at Humor


Siena (forestfolk, Book 1)

Zoe Blessing

Siena can heal wounds with a touch of her hands. A captive since birth, she is used as a tool of war by a Plainsmen tribe. A chance escape into the forest proves successful... and deadly. Rescued by the Forestfolk—people she always thought were bedtime stories—Siena remains on edge. Trust does n... more info

Text includes: coming of age, powers, adventure

In progress: 12 Dec 24 pages
149 1 2

Overall Rating: 0

Current rating:
#29 at Young adult
#50 at Fantasy
#5 at Action fantasy

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