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Cinderella Story Ella ,, Seria: Prințesele rebele ,,

Cinderella Story Ella

Numele meu este Elisabeta da știu, am un nume frumos pus de părinți mei dar mise spune Ella. Mă mândresc cu numele, pe care îl port mergând cu capul sus mereu. Bănuiesc că am început frumos, să vă povestesc de mine? Dar viața mea nu a fost, niciodată una roz și frumoasă ci de co... more info

Ongoing: 12 Oct 1 pages
54 5 1

Rating: 1

#78 in Fantasy
#29 in Romantic fantasy


Dream Room


A short story based on a novel that I'm currently working on the side. A futuristic setting that deals with a teenager girl named Zanelle that been having nightmares for a while. And when to see Dr. Goodman, a Oneirology doctor that is helping Zanelle to know why those dreams, well nightmares, ke... more info

Story about: futuristic, dreams, message

Complete 6 pages
561 4 4

Rating: 1

#63 in Science fiction
#130 in Short stories


Fall fell upon this land


Will fill it as i write. As of now i am unsure where this story id going.... more info

Story about: adventure, joy

Ongoing: 15 Oct 4 pages
29 3 0

Rating: 0

#76 in Fantasy


Kamali's Assistant (kamali: Book 1)

Jessica Wright

If you're looking for a fun adventure where the good guys live happily ever after and the villains get what they deserve...go watch a Disney movie. This isn't that kind of story. This is my life and it sucks. If you want to read about a guy from a small town who can see ghosts and winds up letting... more info

Story about: ghosts, comedy, romance

Complete 191 pages
6087 118 33

Rating: 37

#318 in Young adult
#55 in School
#206 in Mystery
#79 in Supernaturals


The secret in the forest


Once upon a time when Fedor was a young man, he made a remarkable discovery with a forest which lies not far from his family home, that has been hidden for countless centuries.... more info

Story about: short novel, crystals and spells

Ongoing: 06 Nov 158 pages
1075 11 22

Rating: 5

#87 in Fantasy
#33 in Mystery


The Fall

Brad Emshwiller

Bennet ruminates on recent loss and reflects on the seasons of his life. Searching for closure in familiar acts and relics. ... more info

Story about: life and loss

Complete 4 pages
133 7 4

Rating: 6

#51 in Contemporary fiction
#40 in Others


Dream Life of Wealth, Power, and Love

Chris Wilson

This is fully fantasy. It about a young 36yrs old, guy named ‘James’ marrying his 21yrs old stepsister, Jennifer. Born in a unique mob family, Jennifer is finding her way as a full sadistic dominatrix bitch over females. While James is slowly finding his way in becoming a slave to his wife. The... more info

Story about: bdsm, sadistic, mobster

Complete 123 pages
7781 107 20

Rating: 5

#346 in Fantasy
#65 in Dark fantasy
#64 in Erotic
#10 in BDSM


Head in the Box


Charlie and her roommates along with their friends could have never imagined that, after the birthday party of the night before, their morning would take a twisted turn with a macabre discovery: a box containing the head of a stranger. Because of their different personalities and also because of an... more info

Story about: murder, locked room, students

Complete 125 pages
6254 19 16

Rating: 2

#123 in Thrillers & Suspense
#170 in Mystery


The Fallen Angel

Chris Wilson

Banished from heaven only to be enslaved, hunted and tangled up in webs by satan's sadistic child, Princess Blair "reaper of mankind, reaper of souls. ... more info

Story about: angel, sadistic, masochist

Complete 116 pages
6154 112 15

Rating: 16

#351 in Fantasy
#66 in Dark fantasy
#65 in Erotic
#11 in BDSM


Avengers: Deathly Feuds (part 1)


This is how Disney tried to win Spiderman back to the MCU.... more info

Story about: avengers, spiderman, disney

Ongoing: 16 Sep 10 pages
85 1 0

Rating: 1

#15 in Fanfiction
#3 in Movies Fanfiction
#43 in Contemporary fiction
#19 in Humor



Michael A. Romain

Wands are illegal, but only allowed in a cuttroat broomracing festival were we follow Noah, who carries a purpose more precious than glory. ... more info

Story about: a broomracing festival

Ongoing: 03 Nov 4 pages
2 2 0

Rating: 0

#77 in Short stories
#258 in Romance


Provenance ( A Humane Novel) Book 2


Eight months ago, 15-year-old shifter Mera Shayle fell into the hands of a family of hunters. Much has changed for Mera, after a life of abuse and torment at the hands of her father, she now tries to live a normal, stable life, falling harder for the blue -eyed hunter Talon Theron. But the past is n... more info

Story about: young adult, teenromance, shifter

Complete 485 pages
23035 46 20

Rating: 11

#217 in Young adult
#149 in Mystery
#56 in Supernaturals




Ivy always saw the world through metaphors. Today was no different.... more info

Story about: summer, teenfiction, water

Complete 3 pages
315 10 2

Rating: 2

#254 in Young adult
#79 in New Adult & College
#148 in Short stories

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