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Find ( A sequel to the novel Stay)


Two years ago, 18-year-old Keane Fisher was your average American jock with a bright future ahead of him. But that changed when he made an irresponsible decision. It sent him down a dark, downward spiral of alcohol and self- destruction. Then Keane made another dark choice but that was when Marin Ha... more info

Story about: young adult, teenromance, selkie

Complete 282 pages
33965 98 24

Rating: 23

#236 in Young adult
#167 in Mystery
#65 in Supernaturals


Provenance ( A Humane Novel) Book 2


Eight months ago, 15-year-old shifter Mera Shayle fell into the hands of a family of hunters. Much has changed for Mera, after a life of abuse and torment at the hands of her father, she now tries to live a normal, stable life, falling harder for the blue -eyed hunter Talon Theron. But the past is n... more info

Story about: young adult, teenromance, shifter

Complete 485 pages
23746 54 20

Rating: 11

#43 in Young adult
#21 in Mystery
#14 in Supernaturals


Milton - A Cyberpunk Coming of Age Tale

J. Lincoln

The Apocalypse is ugly. The only lights that work are battery powered or neon. Scroungers kill your neighbors and take control of their bodies. Gang wars run rampant in the perpetual night, as usual, except now, most members have magical spells to defend their turf. Life certainly changed once the R... more info

Story about: coming of age, neckbeard, grimdark

Complete 188 pages
36374 18 11

Rating: 4

#73 in Science fiction
#11 in LitRPG
#26 in Post-apocalyptic


Behind the Eight Ball


Class Valedictorian, Star Center on the Basket Team, good grades, good kid pretty much sums up Finn Nash a Senior at Lenape Charter High. Having his whole life planned out for him, nothing could have surprised him more then a bizarre encounter with Brynn Shelby, class recluse. Brynn has her reaso... more info

Story about: highschoollove, teenromance, teenfiction

Ongoing: 24 Nov 354 pages
70671 640 116

Rating: 110

#11 in Romance
#3 in Young adult


Giving up on you


You and your chilhood friend Hongbin had always been together but that was about to change when Leo joined the group. How will his presence change your future and how is he related to Hongbin's broken family.... more info

Story about: accidents, childhood friends, affairs

Complete 132 pages
14497 14 16

Rating: 2

#60 in Fanfiction
#505 in Romance


Someone to Watch Over Me


For as long as Cat Fischer could remember it was Liam and Cat, Cat and Liam. So in love since High School, neither of them dreamed of attending different universities. Now reaching graduation Cat discovers she's pregnant, and Liam chooses to have nothing to do with her or the baby. As a favor to... more info

Story about: college, contemporary romance, pregnancy

Complete 265 pages
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Rating: 479

#4 in Young adult
#2 in New Adult & College
#12 in Romance


A Dance Through The Darkness


In the future, a deadly disease has raged, decimating the population. The rich have moved into fortified, walled cities, while the poor are left to scrape by in the wastelands in small settlements often raided by the infected. 17-year-old Artemis has made a name for herself as a bounty hunter, with... more info

Story about: dystopian, youngadult, bountyhunter

Ongoing: 07 Dec 255 pages
106166 90 32

Rating: 23

#27 in Young adult
#2 in Dystopia


Someone Like You


Elijah Jackson was kind, caring and happy...at least that's what he had fooled everyone around him to believe. Inside, he was broken beyond any repair. He was destroying himself and no one knew, not that he wanted anyone to. Elijah was full of secrets and he was good at keeping them locked away, unt... more info

Story about: lgbt, teen, depression

Complete 135 pages
9608 69 15

Rating: 10

#101 in Romance
#4 in LGBT
#42 in Young adult


I Just Can't Say Goodbye

Marilyn Lucero

Indebted to the man who accepted and loved her unconditionally despite her dark past, Jia vowed to give her life to Jim forever. She had no reason not to, Jim loved her and her son like her own. She thought she was over with Anthon, the man who caused her so much pain. Yet one day, their paths cr... more info

Story about: love betrayal and forgiveness

Complete 711 pages
106193 312 168

Rating: 98

#38 in Romance
#3 in Inspiration romance



Jessica Wright

In this exciting conclusion to the Transformations trilogy, Aria and Alizarin meet other red-tails who seem welcoming, but have a plan that could change everything for the merfolk. Aria must decide who and what she truly wants. All fates will be decided as the comet draws nearer and everyone must ch... more info

Story about: romance, mermaids, sirens

Complete 265 pages
12464 106 51

Rating: 19

#44 in Young adult
#20 in New Adult & College
#50 in Fantasy
#21 in Romantic fantasy


Will You Remember Then?

Marilyn Lucero

When the first set of fireworks erupted into the sky which marked the end of the city's annual festival, Adrian, the son of the world's top luxury yacht builder who sponsored the Musical Fireworks Display got lost into the thick crowd. Many years later, he fell in love and got married to Allyz... more info

Story about: in fighting for a broken promise, love, betrayal

Ongoing: 28 Oct 244 pages
41364 111 188

Rating: 36

#64 in Romance
#8 in Inspiration romance
#13 in Contemporary Romance



Osaro Oghadeva

Meet Isi, a Nigerian who was transferred to Brazil by her employer. She is strong, courageous and religious. Then there's Adrian, a Brazilian business mogul, a womanizer, who lost his hope in God. Together, they make a good team but will it always be rosy through the journey of life... more info

Story about: interracial love, romance, christian romance

Complete 161 pages
27861 307 57

Rating: 44

#45 in Romance
#5 in Inspiration romance
#19 in Billionaires


The Billionaire's Song


Amaya Walsh had it all. She was a self-made billionaire and one of the most powerful women. She could get any man that she wanted but she was single but not searching and it was a well known fact that she didn't do relationships..until that all changed when she met the most unlikely person in the... more info

Story about: firstlove, finding the truth, finding romance

Complete 233 pages
36044 411 35

Rating: 44

#34 in Romance
#16 in Billionaires
#7 in Contemporary Romance


The Fallen Angel

Chris Wilson

Banished from heaven only to be enslaved, hunted and tangled up in webs by satan's sadistic child, Princess Blair "reaper of mankind, reaper of souls. ... more info

Story about: angel, sadistic, masochist

Complete 116 pages
6218 130 15

Rating: 16

#20 in Fantasy
#3 in Dark fantasy
#11 in Erotic
#2 in BDSM


The Mystery Girl and Insecure Boy

J.K. Morgan

For Lukas, girls approach him, talk to him, but they never succeed in getting with him. Even the prettiest girls have tried and failed. Everyone thinks he's playing hard to get but on the inside, he's insecure, like very insecure. On the other hand, the world has always been unfair to Bo. She ul... more info

Story about: popular, cartel, teenromance

Complete 228 pages
30970 250 25

Rating: 33

#23 in Mystery
#3 in Romantic mystery
#46 in Young adult
#8 in School


Dream Life of Wealth, Power, and Love

Chris Wilson

This is fully fantasy. It about a young 36yrs old, guy named ‘James’ marrying his 21yrs old stepsister, Jennifer. Born in a unique mob family, Jennifer is finding her way as a full sadistic dominatrix bitch over females. While James is slowly finding his way in becoming a slave to his wife. The... more info

Story about: bdsm, sadistic, mobster

Complete 123 pages
7952 131 20

Rating: 5

#48 in Fantasy
#13 in Dark fantasy
#16 in Erotic
#4 in BDSM


English Accent


What Abi Hindley hoped for coming from England to study in the US: a new, composed life in an unknown place with freshly met, new people. What Abi Hindley didn't hope for coming from England to study in the US: driving straight into the tail of some jerk's car and getting herself into a deal ... more info

Story about: new adult, bad boy, college romance

Complete 353 pages
53948 727 39

Rating: 102

#9 in Young adult
#5 in New Adult & College
#33 in Romance
#6 in Contemporary Romance


Assistant's Curse (kamali: Book 2)

Jessica Wright

Ariel has grown closer to Lee and started to trust him. However, Lee continues to keep secrets, even when he seems to know the cause of Ariel's nightmares. His relationships with Caroline and Olive grow more complicated and he learns more about the ghosts that serve the Kamali. From a foster family ... more info

Story about: ghosts, romance, curses

Complete 181 pages
6615 43 19

Rating: 23

#29 in Young adult
#16 in New Adult & College
#14 in Mystery
#3 in Paranormal


The Lies

Andrew Bradbury

A standard distress signal means a standard rescue mission. But when the truth is so deeply hidden, can anything really be that simple? For Aitkin Cassini the future is bleak. In the hands of unknown torturers it’s looking like it might be short too. For Itona Lanad and the marines of First... more info

Story about: colonization, mystery, military scifi

Complete 307 pages
6795 18 2

Rating: 4

#58 in Science fiction
#97 in Thrillers & Suspense
#43 in Suspense

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Contract Marriage 2

Ashleh Queen

Collecting every bit of courage I gave a light knock on the front door. I don't have any idea what will be the reaction of my parents after knowing about me being eight months pregnant and that too out of wedlock. But all of a sudden, I felt a large figure appearing from behind and standing tall on ... more info

Story about: pregnancy, politics, possessive

Ongoing: 11 Dec 85 pages
28436 1440 682

Rating: 369

#1 in Erotic
#1 in Romantic erotica
#1 in Romance
#1 in Billionaires

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