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One Good Betrayal Deserves Another


Cassie Winters's life was perfect or at least she thought..until fate helped her unravel a terrible secret that would change her whole life and leave her world shattered. A series of unfortunate events happened in her life, and she had no one to turn to but herself. She ends up going on an expected ... more info

Story about: love, revenge, betrayal

Complete 62 pages
6966 140 38

Rating: 15

#54 in Romance
#12 in Contemporary Romance
#1 in Short stories


F-Boy’s Lace

May Lynn

One promise was made to Lacey Mason’s mother just before she died in a tragic not fall for Lucas Drake. After years of being away from the Hamptons, Lacey returns to a life she only knew when she was young. Nothing had ever compared to the summers she spent at her family’s beac... more info

Story about: romance, friends, sex

Complete 388 pages
27236 424 30

Rating: 47

#12 in Erotic
#58 in Romance


Forced to be his

Farzana Tutul

Ayan was madly in love . But , not with the girl who he was supposed to marry. But to the girl who was her sister and whom he rejected at first. And, the most important thing was she hated him from the core of her heart . After many planning and plottings he finally succeeded to marry her. But , at... more info

Story about: love betrayal and forgiveness, lovehate, love & tragedy

Complete 73 pages
29223 341 16

Rating: 39

#59 in Romance
#9 in Romantic suspense


English Accent


What Abi Hindley hoped for coming from England to study in the US: a new, composed life in an unknown place with freshly met, new people. What Abi Hindley didn't hope for coming from England to study in the US: driving straight into the tail of some jerk's car and getting herself into a deal ... more info

Story about: new adult, bad boy, college romance

Complete 353 pages
67229 932 50

Rating: 119

#13 in Young adult
#10 in New Adult & College
#60 in Romance
#14 in Contemporary Romance


Through Your Eyes

Marilyn Lucero

"Doc, wake up!" I had barely slept after running around for more than 24 hours already when an ER nurse woke up. No matter how many cups of coffee I had consumed, my eyelids would just drop. These sick patients just wouldn't stop coming for admissions or consultation, even during the wee hours of... more info

Story about: love at first sight, love that grows amidst virus outbreak

Ongoing: 17 Feb 52 pages
344 17 25

Rating: 4

#61 in Romance
#15 in Contemporary Romance
#24 in Billionaires


Chasing Zabella (completed)

Chasing Zabella

Amnesia, noun : a partial or permanent loss of memory Can you sum up the life of a girl with amnesia questioned by the people around her asking her about her in the past but what she gets in return is broken glimpses and some scars on her body as a reminder of what she was. Struggling for answe... more info

Story about: abuse attention love romance, completedbook

Ongoing: 10 Feb 241 pages
79575 128 35

Rating: 16

#4 in Mystery
#63 in Romance


Tangled Fates

Roza Csergo

She agrees to kill the White Demon to get her curse lifted, but she falls in love with him instead. *** The beautiful twenty-year-old Karen Fokt is the heiress of Sailon Inc, the richest trading company in Tiegan. Guys want to date her and girls want to be friends with her. She has a perfect life... more info

Story about: love, mature, reincarnation

Ongoing: 18 Feb 59 pages
893 21 28

Rating: 13

#62 in Romance
#10 in Fantasy


Tame the beast

Goodness Shadrach

Roseline is the second and last daughter of one of the socialite family in the kingdom Avalon, the fairest lady in the kingdom whose hand in marriage is been seek by almost all the noble lords and princes but which she gently rejected, none of them matches her criteria for husband and she always dre... more info

Story about: mystery, romance, sorcery

Complete 181 pages
59114 450 92

Rating: 70

#5 in Mystery
#11 in Fantasy
#8 in Romantic fantasy


Book Nook

Booknet Authors

The Writers Club Moderators have started a book club. Each week authors who participate in The Writers Club can offer up their books to be read and reviewed by other authors in the group. Our moderators' Goodness and Anna R Case will select a story from those offered. Readers commit to giving the... more info

Story about: the writers club, book reviews, booknet authors

Ongoing: 16 Feb 125 pages
1381 25 35

Rating: 18

#1 in Others
#1 in Non-fiction



Benn. C

The Lands holding the Human Kingdoms are doomed, being threated by the Immortal men dwelling beyond the veld. Desperate to save his Kingdom, which would be the first to fall if the immortal men continued to attack, a human King makes a deal with the Immortal King for a price: A female heiress to Wed... more info

Story about: arranged ma, queen, difficult romance

Ongoing: 11 Feb 117 pages
3187 66 29

Rating: 3

#65 in Romance
#10 in Romantic suspense
#13 in Fantasy
#1 in Epic fantasy


As Long As The Sky Is Blue

Osaro Oghadeva

Jin had forgotten what it felt like to have a deep connection with another person until he met Tomiwa. It all involved; Two Races Two hearts One disease One week... to seal their fate.... more info

Story about: love, biracial, koreannigerian story

Ongoing: 18 Feb 30 pages
472 22 10

Rating: 4

#64 in Romance
#7 in Inspiration romance


Tango with a Vampire

Volk Viola

In Mileri life, there are only beautiful dreams about a strange person. And these dreams come true. He is a powerful vampire and a powerful heir to the throne. She is an ordinary gray mouse, which is 30. He will change her life upside down. Who is she to him? Simple food ... Tango Partner...... more info

Story about: vampire love, domineering hero, strong and passionate heroine

Ongoing: 17 Feb 27 pages
238 18 5

Rating: 2

#14 in Erotic
#12 in Romantic erotica
#12 in Fantasy


Four seasons


Lilly fell in love with the same soul 4 times in different bodies ... more info

Story about: love, death and life

Ongoing: 17 Feb 1 pages
35 12 1

Rating: 6

#66 in Romance
#8 in Inspiration romance
#14 in Young adult
#11 in New Adult & College



Osaro Oghadeva

Meet Isi, a Nigerian who was transferred to Brazil by her employer. She is strong, courageous and religious. Then there's Adrian, a Brazilian business mogul, a womanizer, who lost his hope in God. Together, they make a good team but will it always be rosy through the journey of life... more info

Story about: interracial love, romance, christian romance

Complete 161 pages
48174 505 63

Rating: 63

#67 in Romance
#9 in Inspiration romance
#25 in Billionaires


Age of Wizards


Vallenia, the greatest land on earth, ruled by lord Leonar, who's opressing rules against wizards' descendants pushed them to the edge of rage. and After their rebellion on him had failed, Heather Ainzworth's only brother, Raphael was one of the few who's been captured alive, and set in prison f... more info

Story about: wizards, magic creatures, bounty hunters

Ongoing: 19 Feb 23 pages
135 8 12

Rating: 3

#14 in Fantasy
#1 in Action fantasy



Brad Emshwiller

"Round here, we know better than to follow fires we see at dusk, on the hills and in the forest. 'Ol Grim is always hungry and ready to trap the unwary. So we make the sign and leave our offerings, and we pray that we never come under his eye or fiery sword."... more info

Story about: folklore, speculative horror

Complete 11 pages
384 35 27

Rating: 19

#15 in Fantasy
#3 in Dark fantasy
#2 in Short stories


When Love Dies

Osaro Oghadeva

Jason, who got separated from his childhood best friend and crush, Fortunately, reconnects with her years later at the prestigious New York University. He vowed to never let go. But what if letting go was the best way to have her completely? Cassie couldn't believe she would ever see again.... more info

Story about: love, college, romance

Complete 186 pages
47996 588 91

Rating: 89

#73 in Romance
#12 in Romantic suspense
#15 in Young adult
#12 in New Adult & College


Revenge of Passion


Daksh Sehgal, a ruthless and mysterious millionaire is on a mission, to avenge. There's no stopping him. Agni Dhanvir is a pawn in his secretive path to revenge. Will she succumb to his destructive demeanor or will his passion make way for something more? Read this tale of revenge and passio... more info

Story about: love romance kiss, romance and mature content, indian romance

Ongoing: 11 Feb 10 pages
123 14 10

Rating: 4

#69 in Romance
#16 in Contemporary Romance
#6 in Mystery
#1 in Romantic mystery


The Cruel Prince

Althea Liu

Melody is sold to a cruel outlaw prince, can she learn to love him or will she kill him?... more info

Story about: love, vampire, demon

Complete 26 pages
62535 1000 68

Rating: 95

#72 in Romance
#27 in Billionaires
#16 in Fantasy
#9 in Romantic fantasy


Between 16 and 60

Ashleh Queen

She was right at that place where she was then. In the very same highlighter orange overall having the company's monogram and distributing flyers... maybe. I don't know because I was at some distance. But it was easy to recognize her. She still looked beautiful. Face huh? She was always nothing but ... more info

Story about: teenagers, youngadult, brokenheart

Complete 21 pages
2816 165 35

Rating: 30

#71 in Romance
#11 in Romantic suspense
#3 in Short stories

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