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Kageboushi generations


This is a story about Kageboushi, who wants to change history for good means.... more info

Story about: history change, alternate history, kageboushi

Complete 504 pages
313 8 2

Rating: 2

#45 in Action & Adventures
#88 in Science fiction


Fickle Things - Outset

The Terakali

All aspire to be powerful- to have the ability to solve all challenges before you- and while most still admire the struggle of life, there's no denying the occasional thought to becoming God. Draga is hardly unique in that regard, but he is at least a little in his chance to do just that. Finally... more info

Story about: magic, gods, other worlds

Complete 97 pages
6362 23 15

Rating: 4

#431 in Fantasy
#68 in Action fantasy
#152 in Contemporary fiction
#61 in Humor


You Need Me, Too

N. Watkins

None... more info

Story about: betrayal, suspense, abduction

Complete 7 pages
2505 35 5

Rating: 6

#21 in Short stories
#49 in Fantasy
#5 in Urban fantasy


The adventures of Bǎihé and Liúxīng


Once upon a time when Bǎihé was a young lady, barely in her twenties she met Liúxīng the Monkey Emperor, who was sitting in a tree eating lovely ripe peaches, which where not his to take.... more info

Story about: fantasy gods, other realm, fantasy

Complete 44 pages
735 12 10

Rating: 2

#433 in Fantasy
#210 in Mystery
#81 in Supernaturals


My Nation


She's just a teenager who wants to have a normal life pero mukhang pati siya mismo hindi siya normal. She thought life would be 'okay' kahit meron siyang kapanyarihan but living in her world, alam niyang hindi nababagay ang isang tulad niya sa mundong kanyang ginagalawan. Her life is at its worst... more info

Story about: love, humor, friendship

Complete 370 pages
1224 32 2

Rating: 2

#631 in Romance
#67 in Inspiration romance
#437 in Fantasy
#125 in Romantic fantasy


The Night Walker


Antwone Devaux is a renowned writer who is actively working to complete his next book while dealing with chronic insomnia. Not a big deal for someone who enjoys taking long solitary walks at night to muse about his writing, his life and things that have been repressed for being too damaging to the h... more info

Story about: literary, drama, adult

Complete 132 pages
4074 81 17

Rating: 13

#158 in Contemporary fiction
#46 in Urban life


Dangerous Love


Rosaline is a teenage girl living in a small town called Gravenville where crime is hidden and lots of mysteries were to be revealed. She is quiet, shy and a genius herself that doesn't consider being a popular girl because she never has the guts of being one. Even though she is too demure, Rosaline... more info

Story about: romance, badboy, suspense

Complete 133 pages
62013 799 61

Rating: 105

#161 in Thrillers & Suspense
#641 in Romance


The House At Sailor's Bay

Cherie Mitchell

Libby Jones has had enough of a life filled with cheating men, had enough of her dismal 9-5 job, and had more than enough of her mother's Sunday luncheons where the top item on the menu is recycled gossip. Unsure of where to turn to find her way out of a life she no longer wants and about to inv... more info

Story about: romantic suspense, romance, small town romance

Complete 154 pages
13979 152 16

Rating: 21

#70 in Romance
#18 in Contemporary Romance
#8 in Thrillers & Suspense
#3 in Suspense


Dark Dayz: Vr Evolved (book 1)

Jake A. Strife

One million gamers are trapped in the first true Virtual Reality game. However, those who die in game, are now dying in real life--and no one can log out. The hacker 'Z' issues a challenge. If anyone can play the game and defeat him, all will be free. A pro-gamer decides he would rather face death t... more info

Story about: survival, virtual reality, games

Complete 230 pages
43230 57 20

Rating: 12

#444 in Fantasy
#89 in Dark fantasy
#90 in Science fiction
#19 in LitRPG


Strange World: Dying Hope (book 1)

Jake A. Strife

A teenager is diagnosed as terminally ill and given only seven days to live. As he goes to sleep, he travels to a fantasy world where magic, the strange, and absurdity reign. There's a legend in Strange World, one of an artifact that can grant a single wish. Taking on the persona of 'Magna', the tee... more info

Story about: crazy, funny, strange

Complete 207 pages
23344 97 29

Rating: 12

#14 in Young adult
#8 in Contemporary fiction
#4 in Humor


Omega Virus: Beta Hour (book 1)

Jake A. Strife

Zachary Mastiff has always been a master of Survival Horror video games. Naturally, he always thought he'd be ready for the Zombie Apocalypse. I mean don't all gamers think the same? But when the undead take over his school, the city, and possibly the entire world, he learns he was dead wrong. ... more info

Story about: horror, zombies, survival

Complete 238 pages
20679 56 18

Rating: 18

#341 in Young adult
#91 in Science fiction
#28 in Post-apocalyptic


Irresistibly Lost

Victoria Pinder

Aaden Bentley needs to marry to secure an inheritance he never really wanted. Billions wait for him if only he fulfills the will of his parents. Family honor once ruined his life when he skipped out on his own wedding to the only woman he ever loved. But his parents were right. If he married her, he... more info

Story about: second chance, lost love

Complete 26 pages
3408 242 10

Rating: 23

#117 in Romance
#25 in Contemporary Romance
#27 in Billionaires


The Ghost at Whitinhord Manor


The ghost at Whitinhord Manor. Victorian era. Ghosts, murders, traditional tea meeting at five o’clock. Miss Reilly's woman intuition and Inspector Spieth's man logic combine to solve the crime and one unusual thing.... more info

Story about: detective, mystery

Complete 14 pages
414 20 5

Rating: 2

#162 in Thrillers & Suspense
#36 in Crime fiction
#217 in Mystery

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