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What Went Missing!!!

Nicole Bristow 101

Nicole was an ordinary girl in a middle school who lived with her father in a small town after her mother died .one day Nicole went missing leaving her father and her two best friends in huge grief over her and for six years no body figured out how it happened until one rainy day a miracle happened ... more info

Story about: romance, suspence, small town

Complete 80 pages
4950 37 23

Rating: 12

#83 in Thrillers & Suspense
#41 in Suspense


Not a "Love" Story

Amy Sparks

He's a guy that doesn't even know the meaning of the word "love." She's a girl who's scared to know what the meaning of the word "love" is. Add them together, and you might just get not a "love" story. --------------------------------------------------------------- Taylor Smith. She's smart.... more info

Story about: love, romance, teen fiction

Complete 294 pages
26281 287 27

Rating: 43

#59 in Romance
#38 in Young adult


Small Town Hero (will be rewritten)


You've heard of vigilantes saving New York, or a hero coming to save the world...but what about the small towns? At least a county?? Despite what you might think, country neighborhoods have problems too..... ---- The little small town of Copperville is shocked at a sudden appearance of a guy in ... more info

Story about: comedy, small town, superhero

Complete 94 pages
11482 25 19

Rating: 6

#68 in Contemporary fiction
#22 in Humor
#191 in Young adult
#33 in School


Truth Or Dare

Emlika M

For as long as Linnea can remember, she'd dreamed about going to college in the US, but when the anticipated time finally comes around, nothing goes as planned. It all started with a seemingly innocent game of Truth or Dare at a frat party, but it soon turned into a dangerous game of life and death ... more info

Story about: college, obsession, stalker

Complete 200 pages
34459 725 48

Rating: 118

#8 in Young adult
#5 in New Adult & College
#3 in Thrillers & Suspense


Heated Desire

Jane Guo

I can play any role needed of me without any hesitation, the saying 'Don't judge a book by its cover' fits me to a T. I am intelligent, cunning, manipulative and confident. I make the impossible possible and no situation or a case has ever fazed me...that is until I met him. Draven Stryker is a b... more info

Story about: love, pain, agent

Complete 169 pages
24394 349 66

Rating: 57

#6 in Young adult
#3 in New Adult & College
#18 in Romance
#4 in Romantic suspense




Son Ami was allowed to enter school after being in a coma for a year because of an accident. She tries to live a normal life despite being the heiress of one of the two ruling clans in town. Little did she knew that Kan Myungsoo had the same plan in mind. Two families, one secret, one war.... more info

Story about: bodyguards, memories, fights

Ongoing: 13 Jun 117 pages
1508 6 10

Rating: 2

#40 in Fanfiction
#281 in Romance
#27 in Billionaires


Dangerous Love


Rosaline is a teenage girl living in a small town called Gravenville where crime is hidden and lots of mysteries were to be revealed. She is quiet, shy and a genius herself that doesn't consider being a popular girl because she never has the guts of being one. Even though she is too demure, Rosaline... more info

Story about: romance, badboy, suspense

Complete 133 pages
44998 547 57

Rating: 79

#6 in Thrillers & Suspense
#42 in Romance


Chasing Love


"Most relationship don't last and they are contented but kyoo and i are different, we work for it to get the person we love" Emi Torres a pretty young, snooty and popular university student who keep chasing her ex-boyfriend named jerome despite cheating with kate and his feelings changed for her... more info

Story about: college, romance, chasing

Complete 156 pages
23107 333 118

Rating: 56

#224 in Young adult
#91 in New Adult & College
#350 in Romance


The dragon and the lion


One day, against your best friend's warnings, you decide to log into your school's FB group just to find out something about a scholarship but ended up being scolded by a misteryous user. Now, with an unrequited love and a college life to lead, how will meeting this stranger affect or help you?... more info

Story about: romance, crush, rich people

Complete 289 pages
3486 35 11

Rating: 2

#168 in Young adult
#55 in New Adult & College
#41 in Fanfiction


Blood Moon (original version)


Following a family tragedy, 15-year-old Keegan Maverick's father moves him and his little sister Caylee to the town of Stormy Vale, into the families' ancestral home. Kensington Manor has stood vacant for 12 years, with a tragic, dark, and violent past. It's clear from the beginning, the Maverick's ... more info

Story about: wolves, younglove, smalltown

Complete 463 pages
11645 142 30

Rating: 18

#171 in Young adult
#105 in Mystery
#45 in Supernaturals


Xena Castello

Sage Greg

Xena Castello was a rebellious beauty, she was your typical bad girl but with big dreams of being a dancer. Due to her circumstances she ended up in a Brothel, Xena was one who desires to be the best in all she did, so she did and became the Queen B or rather Queen X of the brothel, then she met Dem... more info

Story about: love triangle, intimacy

Ongoing: 04 Jul 25 pages
622 7 10

Rating: 1

#310 in Romance
#65 in Short stories


Someone to Watch Over Me


For as long as Cat Fischer could remember it was Liam and Cat, Cat and Liam. So in love since High School, neither of them dreamed of attending different universities. Now reaching graduation Cat discovers she's pregnant, and Liam chooses to have nothing to do with her or the baby. As a favor to... more info

Story about: college, contemporary romance, pregnancy

Complete 263 pages
164728 1477 411

Rating: 360

#3 in Young adult
#2 in New Adult & College
#9 in Romance


Third in Command


Liana Williams is an Alpha daughter that was supposed to run a pack at hand until the merciless Alpha Nicolas came and killed hundreds of her people. Traumatized in what she had seen, Liana came up with an idea to seek revenge. She was welcomed in a pack in the small werewolf town called northern bo... more info

Story about: mystery, werewolf, romance

Complete 158 pages
9170 66 19

Rating: 11

#144 in Mystery
#59 in Supernaturals
#33 in Romantic mystery


The Amateur Love


THE AMATEUR LOVE PART – I : EMERGING OF LOVE : The start of a new experience for a young boy. A feeling which changes everyone’s life. The feeling of love which makes you behave way older than you are. That’s all I’ve got in my story. Vishal a little boy who fells in love with her best f... more info

Story about: romantic suspense, first love, younglove

Complete 1 pages
5783 59 24

Rating: 18

#285 in Romance
#64 in Contemporary fiction



Osaro Oghadeva

Meet Isi, a Nigerian who was transferred to Brazil by her employer. She is strong, courageous and religious. Then there's Adrian, a Brazilian business mogul, a womanizer, who lost his hope in God. Together, they make a good team but will it always be rosy through the journey of life... more info

Story about: interracial love, romance, christian romance

Complete 160 pages
17203 166 39

Rating: 31

#36 in Romance
#4 in Inspiration romance
#11 in Billionaires


12th generation

Selena Raynee

Milton Meyers was born approximately 400 years after his ancestors hid underground from the Disaster that ruined their world.  As an engineer, Milton has to face the truth about living in the underground facility that has limited resources and knowledge about systems that provide its inhabitants w... more info

Story about: bunker, survival, apocalypse

Complete 20 pages
473 6 4

Rating: 0

#61 in Short stories
#45 in Science fiction



Mr. Cobblepot

16 year old Graham Norris relocates to the small town of Wildthyme with mom and Autistic brother to escape his abusive stepdad. His grandmother, Ginerva is happy to take them in, but is harbouring secrets of her own. When Graham meets the enigmatic Erasmus, a door is opened up to a world that he nev... more info

Story about: romance, supernatural, lgbt

Complete 327 pages
5664 37 28

Rating: 8

#290 in Romance
#32 in LGBT
#107 in Mystery
#46 in Supernaturals


Dark Dayz: Vr Dawn (book 1)

Jake A. Strife

One million gamers are trapped in the first fully immersive VR game. Those who die in game, die in real life. The hacker 'Z' issues a challenge. If anyone can play the game and defeat him, all will be free. A pro gamer decides he can do it; he can save them all. But when a game that was meant for fu... more info

Story about: survival, virtual reality, games

Complete 230 pages
41919 46 20

Rating: 9

#266 in Fantasy
#56 in Dark fantasy
#65 in Science fiction
#18 in LitRPG


Hidden secret


Part of A chance encounter​ and the Límíng wù series. When Límíng wù and his brother Dong where children, they love nothing more than to explore the land near their home because it was a place of mountains, wide open fields and thick dark forests that went on for miles in all directions. ... more info

Story about: mystery, fantasy

Complete 34 pages
1461 9 10

Rating: 0

#192 in Fantasy
#110 in Mystery
#47 in Supernaturals


Kill Who You Want


What if it came to the starkest of all choices: kill, or else suffer the loss of a loved one? When a pregnant young woman is found brutally murdered in her kitchen, the husband claims to have some weeks earlier received an anonymous, darkly menacing letter... For the small town of Ravensby, it's j... more info

Story about: thriller, serial killer, smalltown

Complete 217 pages
6805 62 26

Rating: 19

#13 in Thrillers & Suspense
#6 in Suspense
#2 in Crime fiction

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