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The Lies (the first Jupiter's Halo novel)

Andrew Bradbury

A standard distress signal means a standard rescue mission. But when the truth is so deeply hidden, can anything really be that simple?  For Aitkin Cassini the future is bleak. In the hands of unknown torturers, it's looking like it might be short too. For Itona Lanad and the marines of First... more info

Text includes: space marines, colonization, futuristic

Full text 315 pages
10743 42 20

Overall Rating: 17

Current rating:
#1 at Science fiction
#2 at Thrillers & Suspense
#1 at Suspense


Dark Descendants Book 1: City of Domes


'Dark Descendants: City of Domes' is a low Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Epic book that tells about the adventures of Solem Zekiah Du'Tritz who was born inside the City of Domes along with his partner Alexiese Morgann Ce'Vieze. Their adventure starts after 5 years of being together in the Eagle Legion, the group o... more info

Text includes: fantasy, apocalypse, guardians

In progress: 19 Jan 133 pages
1594 20 29

Overall Rating: 10

Current rating:
#2 at Science fiction
#1 at Post-apocalyptic
#8 at Fantasy
#2 at Epic fantasy




Being made redundant almost a billion kilometres from Earth was a bad way to start the week, and Blake Horton did not expect it to get any better. This light-hearted sci-fi novel covers the misadventures of an out-of-work life support systems engineer on his way back to Earth and a reporter despe... more info

Text includes: comedy, action, mystery

In progress: 16 Jan 50 pages
579 4 15

Overall Rating: 5

Current rating:
#4 at Contemporary fiction
#1 at Humor
#3 at Science fiction


The Vale


The Factory Provides. In the all-male community of SunVale, Cole Anderson has an ordinary life, living with his brothers and father in a town surrounded by a high wall. The factory at the edge of town provides him with everything he needs. That is until a child is dropped on his doorstep, and he is... more info

Text includes: first love, segregation, parenthood

In progress: 22 Dec 27 pages
975 18 15

Overall Rating: 7

Current rating:
#4 at Science fiction


Astronomicon 1: The Beginning


Three Spacecraft, two-hundred-and-forty colonists, twenty-five trillion miles and a discovery that changes everything. Astronomicon: The Beginning follows the human race's intrepid first steps into interstellar space, a colonisation mission to Proxima Centauri. The colossal distance and har... more info

Text includes: survival, colonisation, exploration

Full text 351 pages
4601 8 20

Overall Rating: 5

Current rating:
#5 at Science fiction
#5 at Thrillers & Suspense
#2 at Action thriller


Omega Virus: Beta Hour (book 1)

Jake A. Strife

Zachary Mastiff has always been a master of Survival Horror video games. Naturally, he always thought he'd be ready for the Zombie Apocalypse. I mean don't all gamers think the same? But when the undead take over his school, the city, and possibly the entire world, he learns he was dead wrong. ... more info

Text includes: horror, zombies, survival

In progress: 06 Dec 37 pages
752 7 11

Overall Rating: 4

Current rating:
#6 at Thrillers & Suspense
#3 at Action thriller
#6 at Science fiction
#2 at Post-apocalyptic


Project E: Miracle of Time

Phantasmagoric Xythe

Having a second chance to live means having the chance to destroy the balance of society. And having this phenomenon happened to Lucrylia, she was abducted and tossed into the other side of the society wherein the others who are resurrected fight each other for the pleasure and the competition o... more info

Text includes: action, miracles, surrealism

In progress: 16 Jan 46 pages
830 10 16

Overall Rating: 3

Current rating:
#7 at Science fiction
#3 at Post-apocalyptic
#50 at Romance
#10 at Romantic suspense


Second Gear: Steam Whistle Alley Book 2

Joshua Mason

SWA Book One link: Most people saw another lunatic on the street that day, wearing strange goggles and swinging an invisible sword. But Jacob recognized a gamer. After an unexpected job offer from the AR game’s creator, Jacob dons the steampunk goggles a... more info

Text includes: gamelit, litrpg, steampunk

In progress: 11 Dec 102 pages
1787 3 9

Overall Rating: 3

Current rating:
#8 at Science fiction
#1 at LitRPG
#1 at Cyberpunk


Dark Dayz: Vr Dawn (book 1)

Jake A. Strife

One million gamers are trapped in the first fully immersive VR game. Those who die in game, die in real life. The hacker 'Z' issues a challenge. If anyone can play the game and defeat him, all will be free. A pro gamer decides he can do it; he can save them all. But when a game that was meant for fu... more info

Text includes: survival, virtual reality, games

In progress: 21 Jan 149 pages
2501 12 8

Overall Rating: 1

Current rating:
#35 at Fantasy
#8 at Dark fantasy
#9 at Science fiction
#2 at LitRPG


The Jedi Path


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… The galaxy is on the brink of galactic civil war. The Senate is corrupt, gridlocked, and ineffective. The Jedi Order strives to keep the peace, but even they are beginning to lose their grip on the fragile equilibrium between the systems. Some... more info

Text includes: coming of age, star wars, jedi

In progress: 28 Dec 31 pages
672 5 15

Overall Rating: 1

Current rating:
#9 at Fanfiction
#8 at Movies Fanfiction
#10 at Science fiction
#1 at Space opera

Latest updates in the genre

Martyrs: Legends of the Great Savanna

J. Lincoln

Welcome to the Great Savanna! Uncover hidden adventures within expansive grasslands, protect the unique race know as Martyrs, and discover the Legends of the Great Savanna! After being approached by the military with a contract he couldn't refuse, JAMES winds up uploaded into a virtual reality... more info

Text includes: town building, moba, custom game system

In progress: 13 Dec 44 pages
1029 4 6

Overall Rating: 1

Current rating:
#11 at Science fiction
#3 at LitRPG
#31 at Fantasy
#5 at Epic fantasy


My Boss The Dragon


This is going to be a fantastic book about sophisticated relationships between colleagues. Want to know more about how bosses can be dragons? Subscribe! ... more info

Text includes: horror, paranormal, interesting

In progress: 22 Nov 1 pages
105 3 1

Overall Rating: 0

Current rating:
#60 at Young adult
#3 at Dystopia
#19 at Science fiction
#4 at Post-apocalyptic




"Every year, every May 1st, The Crius sets standard rules to have children outside the community to test and live for three years inside the walls. It is, as The Crius recommend, to ensure that equality and peace is make, inside and outside The Crius. Children is registered to attend class which fit... more info

Text includes: science fiction, subversive, technology

In progress: 30 Nov 32 pages
553 3 7

Overall Rating: 0

Current rating:
#20 at Science fiction


Sci_fi Short stories


it's my most liked short story so far, if you like it tell me, if I can improve it, please you are more than welcome to leave a note. ... more info

Text includes: action, vengence, criminals

In progress: 13 Jan 3 pages
6 0 0

Overall Rating: 0

Current rating:
#12 at Science fiction

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