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Hi friends, we live in a world that has its moral compass. We are not amoral. There is certain standard of living that gives us joy. It's my purpose to help you live within the most sane standard, so that we can leave this world better than we met it.



Scientific Reasons Why Heart Is Love's Logo?

Uncle Julius

Why is Heart Love’s Logo? Preamble The ancient Greeks believed the heart was the centre of life. They knew that when someone died the heart stopped beating. When the heart stops beating, the body is starved of oxygen, and it quickly dies. We generally attach importance to heart in such st... more info

Text includes: valentines day, giving and receiving how the heart pumps blood, love is selfless giving and reveiving

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How Daddy and Playmates Influenced My Sexuality

Uncle Julius

How My Daddy and My Playmates, Influenced My Sexual Orientation I grew up in rural Yorubaland in Nigeria. The earliest memory about my father is that he spent much time with me. My only regret is he didn’t live long enough. He died when I was 17 years old, but them my character formation h... more info

Text includes: homosexuality, my pastor was homosexual i, i am heterosexual

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