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In the near future a catastrophic event forces the world's governments to outlaw all artificial intelligence. In the midsts of this decision a black market for Artificial intelligence and Androids now booms. It's now the job of specialized police forces to hunt and destroy these black market product... more info

Text includes: cyberpunk, noir, artificial intelligence

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Overall Rating: 6

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#9 at Science fiction
#3 at Short stories


John, Mary And The Beautiful Forever


Windom is a small town in the middle of nowhere Montana, however it's the only life John has ever known. Born and raised in the tight-knit community, he expects to live and die in Windom. His mother works as a bank teller and his sister, Mary, spends her days watching the local insect population. Ho... more info

Text includes: young adult, small towns, roadtrip

In progress: 28 Jan 71 pages
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#39 at Young adult

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