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Update Schedule: I'll update NYKOS and Memories Lost evrey other week (first week, NYKOS then the next ML, and so on and so forth) and with 5 chapters per week. Sad news, though, I won't be updating this week because its our periodical exams so I'm very sorry, I hope you understand! (01/13)



Mwy #1: Memories Lost


What if one day you wake up and you can’t remember who is the person asking you “what happened?”? What if one day you were asked “do you remember me?” but you don’t? What will you do? Will you just stare at that person blankly? Will you just say “are you serious?” and act as ... more info

Text includes: lost, memories, remember

In progress: 11 Jan 12 pages
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Overall Rating: 6

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#5 at Romance
#1 at Inspiration romance
#1 at Mystery


Nykos: Riot


CAT Organization's PLEDGE: We are not the typical kind. We don't do what you want us to do. We do exactly what you don't like Hire us and pay the price. Update Schedule is posted in my profile: more info

Text includes: cats, spy, riot

In progress: 11 Jan 5 pages
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Overall Rating: 5

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#1 at Thrillers & Suspense
#1 at Action thriller
#3 at Young adult
#1 at Dystopia


Tinwytti: Our Story


Everyone has a place where they grew up with their childhood friends, right? No. At least, I don't. For the last 7 years, all I did was pack my things, move to another house, enroll to a new school, have friends and promise to contact them if my family move yet again, and pack again every sing... more info

Text includes: romance, university, secret

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