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Hi my name is Manar and i am a 21 years old nurse living and working in Sweden. I write and draw in my free time. Here I will share my stories that is also available on Wattpad. Please write me a comment or drop me a like as it means a lot.



Lost In The Haze


Its a story I started writing a while back and never got to finish. It is about a girl that gets taken away from home and finds herself being guarded by this man that is the same age as herself. She does not know why she was taken away or who this man is. She strives to find a way to understand what... more info

Text includes: adventure, suspense, romance

In progress: 10 Dec 16 pages
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Overall Rating: 1

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#10 at Fantasy
#7 at Romantic fantasy


The Way It Goes


A love story to remember. A story of a girl that goes around with an exact thought of how her life will play out from start to end. And of a boy who doesn't even know what he will do in the next hour. They meet on a plane and they encounter these strange situations together. They meet again on campu... more info

Text includes: love, campus, lost island

In progress: 11 Dec 91 pages
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Overall Rating: 2

Current rating:
#18 at Romance
#3 at Contemporary Romance

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