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There's one thing I can be very sure of, I can make you cry.



The Beautiful Witch

Marilyn Lucero

Seeing herself in a full-length mirror in a beautiful wedding gown, Kaitlyn's thoughts flew off to the warning their gardener gave her. What he said flowed out vividly into her mind and all of a sudden, she got scared. Her marriage to a man her parents had arranged for her would give way to the rev... more info

Story about: a battle between science and fiction

Ongoing: 10 Oct 61 pages
955 43 56

Rating: 41

#45 in Romance
#9 in Romantic suspense


I Just Can't Say Goodbye

Marilyn Lucero

Indebted to the man who accepted and loved her unconditionally despite her dark past, Jia vowed to give her life to him forever. But as time went by, her path had crossed again with the one who had always been the longing of her heart. Torn between the sense of indebtedness and her own heart's ... more info

Story about: love betrayal and forgiveness

Complete 711 pages
61577 186 156

Rating: 77

#54 in Romance
#4 in Inspiration romance


Will You Remember Then?

Marilyn Lucero

When the first set of fireworks erupted into the sky which marked the end of the city's annual festival, Adrian, the son of the world's top luxury yacht builder who sponsored the Musical Fireworks Display got lost into the thick crowd. Many years later, he fell in love and got married to Allyz... more info

Story about: in fighting for a broken promise

Ongoing: 17 Oct 418 pages
34578 56 133

Rating: 30

#55 in Romance
#5 in Inspiration romance


Lost In Faith

Marilyn Lucero

When things all go wrong and you think all hope is gone, you tend to do things on your own. Yet, these things may sometimes drag you to your own downfall, if not for God's saving grace. ... more info

Story about: a hope one could ever least expect

Complete 4 pages
218 5 2

Rating: 5

#16 in Short stories


When God Intervenes

Marilyn Lucero

How would you prepare for your coming death? How would you accept it? Initially diagnosed with Guillane - Barre Syndrome, she did everything to prepare herself, only to realize that one would never be ready enough... ... more info

Story about: a guillane barre syndrome story

Complete 5 pages
466 14 17

Rating: 11

#15 in Short stories


His Miracle

Marilyn Lucero

All the doctors said that the chance of the child's survival was very slim or close to impossible. How would the mother hold on to her hope? ... more info

Story about: survival of a child

Complete 3 pages
182 12 10

Rating: 8

#17 in Short stories

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