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All Tarin ever wanted was to stay out of trouble. Born with powerful magic, he tries all kinds of things to find his place in the world, including becoming a knight in his king's army. Deep in the forest, a queen plans a war, and she needs Tarin's magic to release a weapon unlike any the world has ... more info

Text includes: magic, sorcerer, coming of age

In progress: 14 Jan 49 pages
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Overall Rating: 2

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#23 at Fantasy


The Vale


The Factory Provides. In the all-male community of SunVale, Cole Anderson has an ordinary life, living with his brothers and father in a town surrounded by a high wall. The factory at the edge of town provides him with everything he needs. That is until a child is dropped on his doorstep, and he is... more info

Text includes: first love, segregation, parenthood

In progress: 22 Dec 27 pages
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Overall Rating: 7

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#4 at Science fiction


The Jedi Path


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… The galaxy is on the brink of galactic civil war. The Senate is corrupt, gridlocked, and ineffective. The Jedi Order strives to keep the peace, but even they are beginning to lose their grip on the fragile equilibrium between the systems. Some... more info

Text includes: coming of age, star wars, jedi

In progress: 28 Dec 31 pages
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Overall Rating: 1

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#9 at Fanfiction
#7 at Movies Fanfiction
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