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 ➸❁✕❁creative writer❁✕❁

 ➵ I am 24 years old. 

 ➵ I was born on may 16, 1995.

 ➵ I love to read & write. 

 ➵ I am curious and furious.

 ➵ I am a high school graduate of 2019. 

 ➵ I love creative things, animals, kids and passionate people.

 ➵ I support gays/bisexuals/lesbians (everyone) 

 ➵ I am not racist and I despise racist fuckers.

 ➵ I have a life (I know wow shocker) so I don't update often. But whenever I get time I do update. 

 ➵ I update when a chapter is finished. Please be patient.

 ➵ I love you all who support me, and understands me. 


 ❤︎ d r e a m s ❤︎  

 ➸ opening my own business

 ➸ earning money

 ➸ illustrating a story

 ➸ make my parents feel proud 

 ➸ become professional writers 


 ✿ m y b o o k s ✿


*Billionaire series*

 » Bad-Boy billionaire seducing her (romance) ✔

 » seduction (romance) ✔

 » Never let you go (romance) ✔

 » Born to be yours (romance) ✔

 » billionaire's cute angle (romance) ✔

 » billionaire ceo's love(romance) ✔

 » My Possesive Billionaire (romance) ✔


*Gangster and revenge series*

 » falling for her(romance) ✔

 » falling for her all over again (romance) ✔

 » hard to fell in love(romance) ✔

 » Breakup to forever(romance) ✔

 » Bastard Boss(romance) ✔

 » secret fantasy (romance) ✔



Translation and copying Is plagiarism. And I reject and discourage plagiarism. But with permission translating or copying books is granted. But first take permission from the author of the story. Thankyou. 


 © All Rights Reserved. Don't steal any of my ideas. You have your own mind, work with it ©


 ❝You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.❞ -unknown 



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