A hunter's diary

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- I’m Hongbin - said the long hair guy fake smile on his lips

Anne didn't notice but Hyuk who was more the analytic type noticed the dark circlw under his eyes and the way wrinkles formed when he smiled. Also the nervous tone in his voice that could had past unnoticed if it wasn’t Hyuk.

"This guy is running away from something..."

Hyuk stepped forward 

- What brings you here, Hongbin? - Hyuk asked cautious.

Hongbin hesitated for a second before answering.

- My father's job...

- I see.. well, nice to meet you, Hongbin - he accentuated his name like trying to say he didn’t trust him. He took Anne by the shoulder and entered his department. Hongbin just stared at them.

- What is wrong, Hyuk? - Anne asked concerned once the door closed behind them.

- Nothing. Is just that... -he blushed - that guy is a little bit handsome... 

- A-ARE YOU JEALOUS? - she yelled with her cheeks burning red.

- Me? Ha! Of course not, - he faked - i have nothing to be jealous of but... girls are easily attracted to guys like him, I don’t want you to be deceived by him...

- Looks to me like you are just jealous...- Anne teased arching an eyebrow - but it'd be good if you become friends with him. Both of you look lonely.

- I am not, I have you now! - he walked straight to his room.

Even though she find it cute and wanted to smile, her expression couldn't help but to make a sad expression.

a week passed since then; sometimes Hyuk met Hongbin while leaving his home but they just nodded and walked past each other, it was a rather awkward atmosphere.

Between him and Anne everything was going smoothly, the skinship had increased a lot, Hyuk liked to caress her soft hair and sometimes she reminded him that she wasn't a pet. He even forgot about his duty as hunter just to stay by her side.

 Everything was honey and sweets.... until that day... 

Hyuk planned to give her a surprise, enter the house silently and scared her and then they would laugh, she'd probably scold him and he'd proceed to take out the necklace: he was going to confess.

- Hello? – she whispered – yeah, everything is going smoothly – then she sighed – I know, okay? Yeah, whatever – she ended the call.

Hyuk back off a few steps for he decided that it’d be best to pretend not to know.



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