A hunter's diary

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- Hello? – she whispered – yeah, everything is going smoothly – then she sighed – I know, okay? Yeah, whatever – she ended the call.

Hyuk back off a few steps for he decided that it’d be best to pretend not to know. He reopened the door and then closed it again to fake he just got home.

- oh, you arrived! – she smiled to him.

Usually her smile would make his heart flutter but right now, he wondered in his mind if he was being to delusional.

- How was your day? Did you go back to school? – Hyuk asked taking off his shoes.

- Yeah, probably will flunk this year – she said with her head down.

- It’s not your fault – Hyuk said trying to not make eye contact with her or he’d end up asking about that call. The atmosphere was unbearable for him.

- I already made dinner – she smiled again. Hyuk noticed she was smiling too much a sharp pain pierced his heart.

- Hyuk? Are you okay? – she tilled his head and stood in front of him to catch his gaze. He deceived her to think he was looking her in the eye but he in fact he was looking the spot between her eyebrows.

- I’m okay… while you set up the table I’ll be in the hall for a moment to get some fresh air.

- But…

- I’ll be back – he flashed a faint smile to her and walked out the door.

Hyuk sighed and leaned on the fence, he looked at the few people walking on the streets and let the cold wind hit his face; his skin appreciated it somehow.

- Something wrong? – a deep voice asked, Hyuk turned back to face Hongbin who was breathing out a large fume of white steam.

- What? – the young boy couldn’t hide his annoyed mood – it’s none of your concern.

- ok, not going to ask twice – he answered and turn back to the street view. A few seconds passed by and he sighed. Hyuk looked at him from the corner of his eyes.

- I wonder if she is okay. – he mumbled to himself and Hyuk just rolled his eyes.

- who? – the boy  grumbled.

- it’s none of your concern – Hongbin mocked him; Hyuk started to walk towards his door – But since you asked, I’m not as ill-mannered as you.

- I just asked because it looked like you wanted me to – Hyuk talked back.

- I’m talking about a girl named _________ - she is my childhood friend and I love her. But you see I had to suddenly move to this city and I haven’t seen her since then.

"This guy is running away from something..."

- What a tragedy – Hyuk sarcastically grinned – girls and love, those things are just a waste of time…

- Sure, says the guy who has one living in the same apartment. How old are you? 15? 16? – Hongbin teased.

- She is…! – Hyuk was about to blurt out the truth but stopped – she is a friend.

- yeah, right. I’m older than you, kid. But if you don’t want to tell me, its fine. Not like I’m really interested.

- Same goes to you – Hyuk slammed the door behind him as he entered his home.

The following nights were the almost the same; he’d find Hongbin contemplating the night sky and sporadically talk to each other; most of their chats were about Hongbin’s past with you. Without noticing, Hyuk became used to talk with Hongbin and lowered down his guard; but never mentioned anything about Anne.

On daytime, he started to investigate her case. He started a binnacle for it like every case he attended.

“Day 1…

I visited Anne’s school, apparently she studied there until five months ago, there was no call from her family or a guardian; she suddenly disappeared. Not even her friends know about her whereabouts. When asked about his family situation this was the summary of all the testimonies:

1)She is from a rich family. Apparently because of lineage.

2)Her relationship with her parents was pretty good. So I discarded she ran away from home.

Originally, I’d have started with a line of investigation based on what she told me but now, I have my doubts.

Regarding that guy, Hongbin, I know he definitely hides something. He is running away from something but I don’t think he is a threat. If a have time, I’ll try to find out later.

Day 2…

Anne’s been acting strange, she keeps spacing out from time to time. The police caught one of the guys I remember from that night. He was involved in a fight. I better start to move some influences so they let me interrogate him.

Hongbin talks non-stop about a girl who hasn’t even bothered to call him or come to see him. Right now is the only name I have, aside from his father. No more information about him.


While Hyuk was away with Hongbin; Anne got another call from a private number.

- are you stupid or what?! – shouted the old man from the other side of the phone.

- I’ve been doing as you told me, now I want proves that my parents are alive – she lowered her voice not because she wanted to but she had to in order to protect her family.

- shhhhh…“give time to the time” – he phrased behind the glass that separated him from the girl – you will hear news from them soon. Be glad I didn’t kill you.

- You have the money now – her voice was hoarse because she tried to hold back the tears – why are you making me do this?


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