A Kiss under the mistletoe

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"Just a single kiss and you will fall in love with me. For ever" he said as his depthless ocean blue eyes threatened to captivate my gaze like a helpless prisoner in an underground cellar. Only I ain't a weakling. His muscular arms were coiled around my slim waist, restraining me from moving even an inch at all.


"keep dreaming since I won't kiss an Asshole! Ever." was my response as I smacked both my palm onto his manly broad chest so that I could set myself free. He didn't budge. Infact his grasp became more tighter. I struggled for air.


"Logical point. Babe. But who is going to stop me from doing that?" he leaned closer as his minty breathe fanned my face. I scowled. "You?" his alluring soft lips shone with shimmer of absolute seduction as he leaned furthermore. Not lying. Few locks of his bronze hairs fell on his forehead. Sexy.


"Yes! Me." I had this sudden urge to scream but I realised it really came under my breath. The contact of his warm chiseled body with mine sent lightening shivers up to my spine. The beats of my heart turned into chaotic uproar. Back off before I melt like a paper in drizzling water.


He laughed. "You know what they say?" what? He paused and I began sinking in the blued depth of his eyes "Whoever kiss under this mistletoe are bound to fall in eternal love." He spoke as he pointed to the creepy twig above us. Fractals of snowflakes falling from the sky blurred my vision. I chattered my teeth mentally.


"Too much for a Disney fantasy." I giggled.


"Ditto. I had the same thought. Then there's no harm in trying and prove it wrong. Right?" his hands pulled me close to him.


No there isn't. "Whaaaat?"


"I kiss you and you kiss me back. And we won't fall in love. Or at least try not to. Prove the wrong rumor wrong. Simple as a stick." He deadpanned.


"I...I.." I stammered. No big deal. Lack of words in vocabulary. Happens to everyone.


"Or are you too scared to fall in love with me?" The badboy smirk lined his face. Still looks hot though.


"No I am not." Well. May be. A little.


"Then why are you scowling like a scared potato?"


"No I am not. And for the record potatoes don't scowl."


"Anything is possible."


"Not everything."


"Then prove the kiss theory wrong."


I flinched. "O.....okay." Wait? What did I just do?


An inch was there between him and my face. "But promise me first that you won't tell anyone about this?"


Nope. I won't. Now get it over with. "Hmm" I hummed & nodded without any resisting thought as if I was hypnotised through a unbreakable curse.


"A good girl you are." And you are a bad boy


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