A Royal Disguise

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An unwelcome intruder

 Clara shot up, rudely awoken from her sleep. She looked around her room, she swore she had heard something. She slipped on her slippers, slowly peeking her head out her door. No guards. She grabbed her sword hidden beneath her bed before slipping it under her gown. She quietly slid out her door, shutting it lightly behind her. She saw a shadow disappear into the left corridor, so she followed. She turned in the direction she had seen the shadow go, but no one was there. She went deeper down the hall, till she, with no doubt in her mind, knew someone else was her. A hand quickly seized her waist, the other wrapping around her mouth. She was about to fight back when the figure let her go. “ It’s just you,” she couldn’t tell who it was at first, but she soon realized, as her vision adjusted that it was the Prince. “ What are you doing here,” he asks his eyes like stone in the darkness surrounded them. “ I was apparently following you, a person who shouldn’t be out this late,” she quickly snaps back. “ Then what were you doing walking around my room,” he accused.
“ Um no, you were walking around my room, hence why I’m up,” she says at her wits end with this prince. “ No, I really wasn’t, now I don’t know if your delusional or-“ he soon became silent as a light, but very present breeze blew past them. There were no windows, not any way for a breeze to enter this hall. We both turned around, it had come from the room, the Prince had come out of. She looked at it closer, despite the fact that the dark limited her sight, Clara had practically memorized the castle, but this door was unfamiliar. “ Why did you hide in this room,” she asks eyes glued on the open door. “ I don’t know,” ether the Prince was fed up or just as curious as she was. “ I’ve never-“ his hand once again clamped tightly around her mouth. She was about to protest when she heard the footsteps. It wasn’t those of the guards, which always had a similar sound because of their shoes, it was someone else. “ It may be dark, but that doesn’t mean I can’t see you,” the figure says slowly approaching us.“ Who are you,” Casten asks, he was calculated, slow in his movements. “ It’s a shame you two ever had to meet,” the man drew his sword, Casten pulled Clara into the room, which led to a flight of stairs. “ I can run faster if you let go of me,” she says, yanking her hand free, soon matching his pace. They reach the bottom, a wide, yet small circular room. She had never seen this place before, dust-covered the walls, large sticks, most likely used for training or simply for burning.
What was this place? The man reached the bottom. He wore white pants and a green coat, his body looking young, but his faces seemed like that of an older man. “ I feel terrible rude, we’ve already been acquainted, yet you still don’t know my name,” he bows “ Moors Peterson,” a glint of evil lined his eyes.” What do you want,” Casten asks, keeping a respectable distance away from the man. He remains silent, drawing his sword up to face us both. “ Two against one, thought I’d make it fair,” he smiles, showing off his silver tooth. 
  Clara watches Casten, he doesn’t show any signs of movement, was he unsure of what to do, or assessing his enemy. Clara watches him pull out a sword of his own, as they clashed in battle. If she took out her sword, he would figure out who she was. It was clear that the mystery man was gaining the upper hand, she spies the silver glint of her sword. Without thinking further, she pulls the sword from her gown, entering the fight. The Prince did not seem phased by her sudden motion, or simply was too focused on the task at hand. Clara struck low, while the Prince went high, the man able to deflect every blow. Who was this guy? This continued on for several more minutes, and no matter how hard either of them fought, he always remained unscathed. “ As much as I would love to stay longer, I got what I needed,” he says, letting his sword hit the ground. As he raises his hands in surrender, a black mist forms around him, darkness consuming him. And when the fog had cleared, he was gone. Not even magicians could perform such tricks. He was a mystery, one she was determined to solve...


Ciana Frost

Edited: 30.11.2019

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