A Week of Staying Together

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Day 1: Ch.1

It's not that he could, he just couldn't

Daniel Oak woke up from his endless dream of darkness, on the warm cotton bed that softly pressed against his hard cheeks. Everything--the brown table, black cabinet, the white blanket that engrossed his body upto his racked abdomen, the grey wooden door with mister santa clause's head were all a blur, and his eyes were teary, and itchy. But one thing was clear---the blaring alarm clock right next to his ear. He rubbed his tiny hands, hard, against his eyes till they were swollen. Just like the red numbers '5:30 A.M' infuriating his brown pupils and brows. He rolled on his back and slightly looked at the blue rays of light coming in from his windows. It was depressing to wake up, on the same day in a dream.

The wind chimed the hanging bells and chilled his bare tanned skin. A paper on his desk flail along the cold breeze as thuds of water dropped like hail outside his windows. It was raining, and was getting real cold, and all that Daniel had to do was sneeze out from his tiny tunnels.

His hair stood on all ends as he cuddle himself like a burrito between his blanket. All comfy, and relaxed, Daniel lets out a sigh of relief as he saw and heard the blaring sound of the alarm clock that had not passed a minute. He grabbed the quaint little sound devil and threw it across the room. Finally there was a moment of peace. As he slowly closed his eyes and sighed out his fury.

Slowly, and gently, his eyes shut--falling back, deep into the darkness where he can find relief. Until the wooden floor spoke to him. Someone is here and is fastly approaching.

Daniel felt a warm hand on his lap, gripping the blanket then suddenly pulling it away by force. The cold quickly shivered deep into his arms, chest, abdomen, and under his black shorts. It was freezing, again, and he slowly opened his eyes and saw his over protective and guiding mother, Clarsitta, who came from barging into his door and staring down at him as she yelled out his name.

"DANIEL! Do you know what time it is?" Her face was like rock and something was cooking, probably her burnt mittens. Daniel looked up to her waist where her clenched fist pressed against her apron. But even with such look, Daniel ignored her and pressed his face against the pillow saying,

"No" he closed his eyes.

"It's 6:30, 6:30, Daniel!" Clar tapped on the small wooden cabinet beside the bed of Daniel. "Where is it?" She questioned as she looked around to find an alarm that was broken into pieces at a corner. "What did you do?" She muttered

"What did you do Daniel?" She repeated louder as she took the broken alarm clock.

Obviously I threw it, He couldn't stand hearing her unpleasant early yelling so Daniel stood up. Although everything was still hazy, his head was running all around the room, but his legs carried him silently out of the room.


Like a cat screaming for food, Daniel kept a sleepy escape and opened the door for the cold gusts of wind to enter. Rain splattered once again like hail, and soaked on the wooden planks. Petrichor, he recalled on such hard word as he stepped out with his cold feet. He closed the only door of his room that connects to the balcony in which he built as an attachment and uniqueness to his house.

His all messy hair drools down like the rain. He grasped the black metal bars and overlook over the crazy lake.

Now that he is all soaked in rain. I should just take a bath here. He looked up to the grey crying clouds and once again thought, no harm done in nature.

"Good God! What are you doing staying out here in the rain?" Clar came out of his room and grabbed the red towel hanged by a deer's antlers--under a giant Umbrella. Her blonde curly hair protected her from the rain as she covered Daniel's head with the towel. "Now in you go"

The warm fluffy rug soaked the rain from droolibg down his feet. Clar closed the door and said to Daniel, "take a bath, while I go down and finish my cooking. Hmph, honey, is the egg burning?"

Too much for drama, Daniel went to the shower room, and tried to open the knob. "Who's there?"

"ME" His twin sister Dalia yelled, "let me take a wee wee for a second."

"Hurry up"

"Just a second"

The white door opened to a girl with glasses. She's much taller than Daniel, and much more proper. "Out of the way brother"

Daniel stepped aside for Dalia to grow shorter. Her cellphone rang, playing a song of havana by Camilla Cabello. She ran to her room and locked her pink door. Meanwhile Daniel entered the shower and locked the white door.

A child in the mirror, only his chiseled face to be seen. Daniel panned to the longer mirror. A man he now sees. His limbs may be small as bones that may anytime tear out his skin only because his condition of dwarfism. He's small, just like his sister but that did not stop the both from having fresh faces with smiles that charms everyone.

Speaking of her sister, she still lingers around the shower of her body soap in which she dearly possess. The body soap he used for his hot shower. Steam raised around the glass wall. Then suddenly someone knocked on the door.

"Who's there?" Asked Dalia who remembered about the body soap that she forgot on the counter.

"ME" chuckled Daniel who was all reeved up for a party. "Let me take a shower for thirty minutes"

"Ahhh, please, I need that body soap."

"You mean this dove white? There is nothing left in it"


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