A Week of Staying Together

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Day 1 ch.4

Students across the state were now going into the gates of Callientes highschool. Cars in all colors lined the parking space of the school. Parents with their children walked to the colliseum. A giant dome like building where everybody had gathered.

Isaac and Daniel chained their bikes at a tree behind the colliseum. They went inside the building and heared the loud chatter of the crowd. "Where is he?" Daniel yelled at Isaac.

Isaac looked around, elongating his neck over the heads of the people and found Reeves. The guy who's

"Reeves!" Daniel called,

"Daniel! Sit here"

Daniel and Isaac sat next to each other and waited for the event to start.

"Hey what section are you?" Daniel asked to Reeves

"Still SJ" he replied, "you?"

"I don't know," he answered, "Isaac?"

Isaac raised three fingers and smiled.


"Hello Everyone, we will begin the opening ceremony in 5 minutes. Please all be seated" The confident teacher of arts, Mister Adrian announced, "please all be seated."

The crowd settled down, the parents sat along with their children on the lower box, while the old students wearing their uniforms clustered in their chosen places at the right and left wing on the upperbox except Reeves, Isaac and Daniel who sat next at the teachers section. Everyone in the colliseum lowered to silence.

"Welcome everybody!" Mister Adrian broke the silence, the old students cheered except the three at the teacher's section.

"Why did we even sit here?" Daniel whispered to Reeves.

"There are no more seats left" Reeves whispered back,

"We should have gone sooner."

"That's your fault."

Celestia the principal of the school tapped both of the boy's shoulders. "Silence you two"

Both twisted their heads back to Celestia and nodded, "Sorry mam"

"Alright let's all begin with a prayer. Everyone please stand up and let us all feel God's presence within us. As we say, in the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit." The lights turned off as a spotlight was given to 20 little children wearing white robes and dresses with angelic wings and halos.

The song 'I see you lord' was played and the little children danced with every little rythymn. Their hands raisrd up, and then closes back to their eyes. Crouched in the word sorrow and collected their hands together in happiness. They repeat every movements they made, though they were't perfect. Their cuteness was unbearable to the audience. Parants and teachers pulled out their phones while those who were old students did nothing but watch, since phones were banned in the school.

The audience made a thundering applause at the end of the performance. Then it was followed by the Juinor high school dance troupe.

"Here is, the Junior high school dance troup dancing our precious culture. Please give them all a resounding applause." Adrian announced but nobody in the old student listened. They were all excited to see the troupe,for they were the best of the best dancers in the juniour highschool and the best in the school.

The lights turned off, nobody could see anything since the dome's glass ceiling was also close. It was dark, then suddenly...BAM

The dance troupe were already in place, members in different traditional latin clothing.

"Viva!" They yelled and the fast dance began.

Everybody cheered, even the music could not anymore be heared. But that didn't falter anything in the troupe. They were perfect, from the glittering dresses for the women, and the open jackets and detailed shorts for the men. Shoulders, chest, hands, and legs popped when a thundering beat struck their ears. Some of the women who wore thin flailing skirts that highly shows their thighs popped their hips and moved their hands like flowing a water in the air as they balanced a whole basket of fruit.

Other men hits the ground with bamboo, some flails cloth, and some of the girls jumps on one bench to another. There was a lot to see, until the three main dancers arrived in a sudden entrance.

Shira wearing golden glittering dress sat on bamboo being carried by four men. Antonio flipped from the new to the old stage and did a split in the end. Meanwhile Kieth jumps from the new stage as he unravel the traditional detailed carpet he carried. Shira followed its path and the main show began of the big three.

Nobody could anymore hear each other. The cheers were so loud that the sound can be heard at the highway. Reeves closes his ears, Isaac was enticed by the dance, meanwhile Daniel's eyes and mind were far spmeway off.

He stared at Daryllyn, a dancer who balanced the candles in the shot glasses. Her hair tied to a bun, her golden dress that doesn't glitter constricts most of her legs and chest and yet she still stood out because of her dance with the candles. She inhaled gas and blew it out like a dragon.

Everybody went crazy on that.

Daniel smiled, seeing her lips shine brightly as she smiled back to what's in front of her, to the sides, and finally up to the upper box where her brown eyes met his.

Daniel's chest popped more than the dancers. His hand shaked, and his smile widens even more. Isaac looked at him and whispered, "Daryllyn?"

"How did you know?"

"Everybody in the class knows"



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