A Week of Staying Together

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Day 1 ch.9

No matter how much Daniel regrets his decision. There is always no turning back, he has to accept it. He gazed at Daryllyn's hair waving down to the floor. His mouth utter-mutter words no one could hear. Everyone's eyes were all onto him. He felt out of place.

"Is this all about the commotion at the hallway?" Asked Mrs. Garanzea who was trying to confirm her confusion. But no body answered. Their attention all towards Daniel, who was just staring down on the white tiled floor. Until his heart just could not take it.

"No, I'm sorry!" His face has gone red, his warm heavy pants of breaths travelled all across everyone's ears. He said it...and there was no turning back, "It was my mistake" he added, "please...it was my mistake"

"What is the meaning of this?" Like the principal scolding two of her elementary students who got into a fight. Mrs. Garanzea shifted all the attention towards an argument.
"Daniel, Daryllyn, tell me what is going on?" She said it smoothly and kidly with a big smile in the end.

"It was his mistake!" The door bolted as a man stepped with a fuse onto Daniel.

"Mr. Haberon?"

"It was his mistake...that Daryllyn got wet, I-got this bondage on my face, and making my sweet, lovely Daryllyn do such thing!" Haberon leaned closer to  Daniel's face. His eyes on fire, and lip on hold--"What were you thinking, wussy Oak?" He growled, "Letting a girl apologize for your mistake, you're not a man at all.

Daniel raised his eyes up to Haberon's louring look. Haberon smiled--chuckled out of the enjoyment he's getting from insulting Daniel. "Just a baby" Haberon added,

"Shut up!" Daniel leaned up with his hand on the table. His forehead forcefully pushing back Haberon's

"Oh yeah?"

"Yes, you psycho"

Haberon's smile faltered easily. His fuse sparked.

Haberon clenched his right hand and with a force... going to Daniel's left cheek. But Daniel raised his left hand and pushed the fist away. His right hand, just like Haberon's, but even more faster and power...jiggled the chubby cheeks Daniel always wanted to break so badly.

The students all stood up...in commotion. Dalia moved into the crowd and grabbed Daryllyn's hand. "Its best if you stay out of this"

"But I'm the reason..."

"Oh please princess." Dalia interrupted as they moved out of the crowd, and to a corner.a

The jeers of the women, and thundering applause and commentary of the men, all turned the classroom into an arena. Their desks and chairs were all set aside. Mrs. Garanzea on the other hand tries to break the commotion physically by seperating the students on her own.

Dalia sighed and said, "Drama"

A student hits Mrs. Garanzea's chin by his elbow. She feinted on the floor.

"Told you" Dalia said to Daryllyn as they continue to witness the crowd.

Haberon fell down on the floor after Daniel had punched his face--tapping his left cheek and started tearing up. "I-I'll tell father for this,"

The students laughed like wild animals in a jungle. They were all in their 'craze' mode. Some were laughing, yelling, screaming. While others, such as Violet, a 15 year old girl with glassess who got dragged in by the crowd--was trying to make her way out through polite "excuses"

But nobody made any way for her.

The nerd of the class, her own title that she earned after winning a book contest last year. She did not mind the people's oppinions about her, as long as she had these three novels that she always carry--hug around the classroom, hallway, or in any place that she would go and read.

But she stumbled down within the crowd. Her books slipping away from her grasp of her fragile hands. One by one, the books were being kicked away from her. One was being stepped upon. She tried to plead for her books but nobody cared to listen.

The most crazy man in the room, wearing a summer white polo shirt and shortd, Tailor, grabbed her glassess and started dancing. He yelled, "Class fight!" Everything about him was crazy, from her white dyed hair to his rainbow shoes.

The students all scattered around the classroom and closed the windows and covered them with curtains. Violet crawled her way to one of her books, tapping the cold floor as she moves towards it.

Tailor stepped in front of her and said, "you want this?" He raised her glassess. "Or this?" He raised one of her books. But she could not see. The two objects on the crazy man's hand were all blurry. But before she even got to choose. Tailor teased her with some harsh words and dropped the glassess in front of her. As soon as her hand touched its edge, the man waited for it, and immediately thrashing the book on her hand and glasses. She shrieked, but silently.

Daryllyn noticed her. She walked up to Tailor with the intention to help Violet.

Dalia grabbed her by the arm and questioned, "what are you doing?"

"I'm going to help her"

"Against that crazy guy? No I won't let you"

"But Violet needs help"

Dalia glanced over to Violet who's hands were bleeding from the shards of glass. She cried as she watched her book being jumped and stomped upon by the man. "Fine, but stay here"

Dalia walked towards Tailor and slapped his face. Probably the hardest she ever slapped. Everyone stopped because of this,

"Its the drama girl again." Another one of her classmate with a pouty face said with a sigh. Everyone seemed to stop what they were doing. The crazy man was saddened, and apologized.


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