A Week of Staying Together

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Day 2 ch.3

"I'm telling you she has a bruise" implied to Isaac who simply cannot believe that the most wealthy child of Callientes highschool gets a bruise.

"If she had a bruise, wouldn't it get treated by her you know..." he added, "parents"

"I'm asking her"


"For the bruise man" he answered, "I want to know who made that bruise to her"

"Don't mind it, I'm sure you were just seeing things. You know the phrase too much love can kill you? Love only create delusions in the mind."

"Then if you are not going to help, better go to your classroom. Besides, class is already starting." Daniel runs towards the gate.

"Where are you going?" Isaac yelled, "she's at the lobby!"

Daniel knocked on the window of the black  car in whic Mr. Jae answered, "yes?"

"Do you know who bruised her?" He asked, but Mr. Jae was on the phone answering to the father of Daryllyn.

"Pardon?" Jae asks and tucked his phone to his pocket. "I didn't catch you kid"

"Who brui-"

Suddenly Isaac interrupted,"Ah I'm sorry sir," he wrapped his left arm around his neck and pressed it hard --not allowing Daniel to breath. They slowly walked away as Isaac said,  "my friend just thought that this was their car, so yeah. Please excuse us"

Mr. Jae looked over his window and sees both teenage boys walking into the lobby with Isaac whispering something to Daniel. "That was close man"

Daniel puts Isaac arm away and questioned his friendship to him, "Why? I was going to ask him about the bruise and you just suddenly appear out of nowhere, what's wrong with you?"

"It is you that is wrong Daniel!"

"Oh yeah? What's so wrong about asking about the bruise?"

"Ahem" cleared the throat of Principal Calliente. "Why are you two arguing, whispering whatever you are talking about in the middle of the hallway? Isn't it homeroom today? What grade are you two?"

"10" both answered as Calliente's footsteps echoed across the hallway"

"10! And you are suppose to be arguing at this time of hour? You ruin the image of being elder brothers to your younger brothers and sisters."

"And you are suppose to be noisy in the hallway? What happened to your rules?" Daniel muttered out an awful side response. Isaac bumped him with his elbow and silently but slowly said, "Stupid"

"You're stupid" Daniel said aloud once more. Isaac glanced away as Callientes leaned close to both boys and asked for them to join in his morning tea, in his office.



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