Agent "N". Live once more

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In 2014, the "Kremlin" engaged in a criminal land grab in Ukraine. Crimea was occupied by the regular army, while Donbas found itself partly controlled by militants and mercenaries sent in by Russia, who relied on it for weapons, vehicles, and manpower. The USA, Ukraine's number-one ally, responded by deploying an intelligence unit to Kyiv, tasked with confronting the "Terrorist State No. 1" in the region. The novel centers on the story of a Ukrainian super agent who puts up a successful fight against the aggressor. He manages to pick up the trail of the killers to blame for the deaths of the "Heavenly Hundred". 


All characters of the book are fictional. Any resemblance with real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Any resemblances with events, geographic names, organizations, companies and brands are also purely coincidental.

Ukrainian Heroes

Edited: 25.09.2019

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