Akari, Meri Ra

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Ch 2: Akari:

There’s something weird! The scenes keep changing rapidly continuously as if someone is playing forward a video to watch a specific part in the middle of the video. This, can’t be a TV, right? There’s the scene of an Egyptian girl, no a princess. I’m not sure! She has a leopard skin around her shoulders. Cursed, they’re screaming that. Apparently, she's a witch dealing with genies. I remember hearing a rumour, pharaohs used genies’ power to construct and conserve their pyramids, one of the seven wonders of the world. The legend says the pharaohs placed a curse on whoever tries to disturb their sleep. Genies are the cause of what's claimed to be the curse of the pharaohs. Is it really the reason? I think it’s just a legend. That witch’s shocked. The crowd accuses her of using sorcery to poison the queen to take over her throne by marrying the bewitched king! Oh was that even possible?Huh?She’s looking at me! What’s this? I looked at my right and left. I moved my head up and down. She’s definitely looking at me! What’s happening? Isn’t this just a show? I’m watching this TV to amuse myself till I regain some memories, yet all I get are weird gazes from that witch, Akari! Is this even real? Why is she looking at me?What’s she reciting? She’s casting a spell! On whom? Akari’s a successor of a family who were mediators between kings and genies. Now, she’s feared after the construction had been done. Is this a plot against her? I don’t remember or I don’t know. How can I remember so much details about many things and not my own name and life? Akari is pointing at me! I'm having chills down my spine. I'm paralyzed. Oh ain't I already paralyzed?Can I move away from this window? I've lost mobility again! But, out of fear I backed away, then I was swallowed up into a loop or Bermuda triangle-shaped pipe. I don't understand what's happening,but here I am the main heroine -as I suppose- in a story I know nothing of and I never wanted to be a part of.Where am I now? Wait, Is this a cellar?No, it's a room in a tomb! What brought me here?

Esraa Nuriko

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Story about: magic, friendship, pharaohs

Edited: 28.10.2019

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