Akari, Meri Ra

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Ch 3: Tomb

Well, at least I've got out of this unknown dark place. Where am I now? This scene's, familiar! Have, have I been here before? I'm transparent like a ghost! There's a girl in front of me. She looks afraid and hesitant, having a weird necklace around her neck. It looks like a beetle. No, a scarab! It's an amulet, right? It's golden or gold edges with a blue diamond scarab in the middle of it. It's sparkling like glass! Diamonds are similar to glass? Huh? That girl just passed through me. Where's she heading? Her modern clothes with a hijab on her head and a smart phone in her hand indicate that this situation happened recently. Blue jeans, with a long sleeved red t-shirt and a red scarf around her head and jeans backpack. She, holding her mobile and using its torch, walked slowly fearfully towards a coffin, an old one. It has weird symbols written on it, hieroglyphs There's some jewelries around that coffin. It's treated somehow differently from normal workers in ancient Egypt. This dead person is from a higher status than normal workers, as I assume. The girl's saying something I don't understand. I hear no sound. But, I can read her lips asking: "Who are you?" Ha? Who's she talking to? No, the cover of the coffin is moving a little. What's going on? Oh. The, scene's restarted, but with voices and sounds now. That girl said, "Hang on, Nuur, I'll help you. That witch or sorcerer Ti! I'll take revenge on her! I just have to get the Ankh to do as that Ti ordered me to let Nuur go." That, I don't know her name, she didn't mention it. I'll call her Red Scarf then. What's she seeking? Who are Nuur, Ti? What's going on? I think that Ankh belongs to Akari, as this's her tomb. For a reason, I know that it is. I don't know many things about ancient Egypt symbols, as I didn't study them in college, but, I remember someone close to me telling me about the Egyptian culture. But, who was that? Who am I? That Scarf stated once more, "I don't know what to do but this. Nuur hang on. I need to find that Sa tool Scarab necklace too." Sa? What's Sa tool? Ohh my poor knowledge. I remember hearing words from that person. "Sa is a powerful tool. It's other names like Ga. Sa means the protection of the young life. It's the shape of the Sun Disk of God Ra. Ankh -aka the key of life- on the other hand, stands for life, reincarnation and immortality. It looks like a cross, but with a loop head. Do you know that Ankh and Sa are made by wizards? Magic wasn't allowed for commoners to learn. It was used in medicine and to fight enemies. So, only wizards use it and only them create magic objects. Do you also know that wizards wear leopard skin? You can recognize wizards by this." Yeah, I do recall that now, but I don't know who said it. I, I remember hearing another thing. "The Scarab isn't powerful at all. Don't write about ancient Egypt stories and myths unless you read more about them. I know you search a lot before immersing into your stories, you just thought you could avoid searching this time since you're Egyptian, didn't you? Haha. Don't worry, I'll help you. Scarab is only for luck. It doesn't have any power even if wizards made that tool. Got it?" So, this scarab doesn't have any meaning but luck? Does that scarf girl think that this Scarab necklace will help her against Akari, when she steals from her? "Come here!!" I heard that snaky sound and so did the scarf girl who asked, "Who are you?" I heard it again louder with a stronger voice and the cover of the coffin started to move! "COME HERE!!! Come here little girl I'll help you! I'm stronger than that snake Ti! You won't be able to run away if you steal my things anyway, I'm your best choice!" I shivered and shivered as that scarf girl walked through me. She was shaking while asking, "Can I really trust you? I need you to get rid of Ti!" Laughed Akari, "Of course, that's been my aim for years up till now, my dear. Now, I'll help you in exchange for getting me out of that rotten coffin." The scarf girl nodded, "Okay." She moved away that cursed cover, unleashing Akari's body or corpse and her power. A strong wind with dust blew as an announcement of Akari's return. The wind was strong enough to push the scarf girl away till she hit the wall. She then fell down to the ground. That wind broke the Scarab necklace. "Ha? Aahh! No! Nooo!! My… My friend is lost forever now! What should I do??" Screamed the scarf girl. She looked at Akari who was all bones with flesh patches left and torn clothes and, shouted shivering, gathering all her power left to face Akari, "You… You promised to help Nuur! This necklace is… It was… Now that the Scarab is broken, my friend is no more!" Akari smiled, moving her hand and casting a spell upon herself with her remaining magic power, and turned herself into a living human with a beautiful body and face as she was. She had beige glowing skin with organic makeup. She looked at me! AT ME once again and smiled maliciously, then strode towards the scarf girl right through me. Was I imagining? Akari ordered the scarf girl smiling, "Give me the Sa." The scarf girl nodded in disagreement, "NO! I got your Sa and Ankh, but I won't give them to you until you help my Nuur!!" Akari smirked, "You know how powerful I am, right? YOU KNOW you can't mess with me, right?? I can take them from your corpse, but I promised to help you and I WILL!! Hand them to me!" Akari took them and patted the scarf girl's head, "Good girl. Now let's go." They walked together. I sensed that my presence was felt. I felt Akari knew and knows I am here. I denied that when she walked again through me with the scarf girl. However, Akari looked behind her back at me and smiled! I trembled. No, that can't be… What is exactly going on here? What am I watching? Am I the one being watched? I couldn't keep silent any longer. I was afraid, yet I shouted my lungs out, "Akariii!!" She stopped walking. I knew she knew I was here. I kept breathing fast. Everything else paused when Akari stopped, she turned to me and walked towards me slowly. I trembled again. I tried to step back, but she grabbed my right elbow. How come? I'm transparent, she mustn't be able to touch nor see me! She may be capable of seeing me, but not touching. I wanted to break free, yet I couldn't. I didn't cry though. I am too afraid to even breathe. She cut my thoughts smiling maliciously again. Why am I the only one who she gives that creepy frightening smiles? "Hello sweetie. Do you remember now?" Huh? What? "Oh, you didn't remember yet?" I struggled to free myself, "Leave me alone!" She with her right hand held my chin and the lower parts of my cheeks. "Hey. Why are you doing this to me? Am I Ti?" I asked not having the slightest idea about what was happening. Her head leant backwards in shock, and with her eyebrows raised up she stated, "You really don't recall anything! What should I do now? I'll go with you somewhere else. Make sure you remember this time!" Ha? No! Nooo! I was taken to another place. It was still dark, but, I feel myself floating in the air. Under me is the Nile River, this time, I can see that this story happened decades ago.

Esraa Nuriko

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