Akari, Meri Ra

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Ch 5: The Beginning:

Once upon a time, there was an upper Egyptian girl called Nuur. She’d a friend called Nuura. Similar names, right? Yeah, even similar meanings! They were close friends and the meanings of the names were true to them. Their names mean "light". Nuur means light, and Nuura means "one light". They were the lights of each other, the true lights for each other's lives. Although Nuura were Cairean and Nuur was from Minya, they embraced their cultural differences and loved each others and were open to different traits of each other's cultures. Nuur was interested in ancient Egyptian culture, so she studied it in the Faculty of Arts, alongside with Greek mythology. She was very fond of Egyptian heritage and always talked about it with Nuura, and helped Nuura when she wanted to write stories revolving around a pharaonic setting, events, names, plot, etc. Nuur herself wrote stories and sometimes used her knowledge in her novels and won prizes too. Her strong friendship lasted more than ten years and everything went smooth until… Before that, Nuur’s university was in Cairo, she’d to live away from her family. Nuur lived in Nuura's family, as Nuura's father died and her older brother married, so she only lived with her mother. They spent good time together before Nuur went back to Minya. She invited Nuura to come to her house in Minya countless times, yet Nuura's mother thought traveling to Upper Egypt was difficult and she was afraid about Nuura until she calmed her mother down. Nuura noticed that this very last time, Nuur insisted on Nuura coming to discuss something urgent. Nuura travelled and talked to Nuur. She was surprised and shocked to know what the urgent matter was. Nuur's father wanted to get a hammer from the equipment room, that was used as a tool store. He asked his youngest son to bring it. While walking on the floor, the son felt a weird noise, it’d been months since they last went into that room. It was a crack sound, like there was no ground under that room. The flagstones beneath him started cracking up, and before he could run away his left foot stuck between two broken flagstones, and more of them broke under him, consequently, he fell down and could hardly hold on the pieces left. He felt they were about to break too, so he screamed loudly. His family came to the rescue, and knew that there was empty spaces under their home, with receding earth layers due to the leakage from the underground water pipes. While trying to fix the water pipes, the father found something bizarre. A building! Only a part of it appeared. From the hieroglyphs on it, they knew that it was a tomb. In Upper Egypt, people have found multiple tombs with monuments in them. Some of them sold those monuments. Nuur's father was shocked, he asked his sons and daughters to be careful. The whole floor was removed and half of the tomb appeared and it needed only some digging to get to its door. "There's a tomb under our house!" Nuur was startled. "It is in our house!" Her father corrected. That tomb had been buried under their house for thousands of years ago. It was no wonder that their neighbours found other tombs under their houses as well. That was why some politicians wanted to empty that area from its residents, to excavate for valuable monuments, for some people kill others as sacrifices to the genies who were said to protect these tombs, and then sell the monuments they find. "Father, look, there's an empty space around that tomb. I believe that tomb door can show more, if we dig harder." Nuur stated. Her father didn't like what she said. "Are you crazy? It's a tomb with a dead person in it. We can't bear to mess with them." Nuur explained, "But, father, we need to report it to the government. It's a great discovery even if there are already other tombs discovered. I know some so-called archaeologists sell the monuments they know of, yet we need to know who’s buried here. It's history father!" He shook his hand in disagreement, "We cannot do this, my daughter. We'll be in danger." Her mother nodded in disbelief, "Oh Allah! That… That can't be real! No one should know about this!" One of Nuur's two younger brothers wondered, "Why mother? We can be rich, can't we?" An older sister to that brother spoke in disagreement, "No you silly! This is dangerous! Don't you know that in order for you to be able to get into that tomb and be 'rich', you have to give a sacrifice, maybe sacrifices to the genie guardians of that grave? Do you know what the sacrifice is? It's to kill, yes to kill! You need to kill a child or maybe your own family to be the rich you want to be!" He was shocked to hear that, "Then, that means our maternal uncle can kill us for money?? Isn't he in debt for gambling and drinking? He asked mommy for money multiple times and threatened to kill her. Now, that gives him a chance to be rich. Oh I'm afraid…" He, unintentionally, warned them to the danger possible if that secret is disclosed. What to do? Their father announced that no one should ever know about that secret. Nuur felt uncomfortable, because it can be disclosed and hiding it isn't the right solution. "We must tell the government." Suggested Nuur. "We can't just bear to live in terror for fear of getting killed by our closest friends and family members, just like that. Dad, please, we need urgent help." Nuur continued, yet her petrified father shouted at her, "Do you want the government to throw us out of our home? Where will we stay? Huh? Tell me! If we're kicked, what will happen to us? We're a big family and we don't have enough money to go and live in a decent home. You just need to wait for at least two years and I'll build a house for all of us with separate apartments for each one of you to marry in. I’m almost 58 now. I'll have my severance pay when I retire in two years In Shaa' Allah. I just want you all to be patient with me. Soon we'll leave here. I'll choose a beautiful area in Minya away from here and we'll live there, I swear. Just for now, it's a secret!" All of them swore to Allah that no one would know about this and locked that store room. They were afraid of their maternal uncle and their neighbours, as they were avaricious and would do anything possible for money, be it punishable by law or by Allah, they never cared. Nuur couldn't stay silent about that. She shivered when she got out of her home and woke up to nightmares of her and her family being slaughtered for money. One year passed and their fears hadn't faded, because of the constant death threats of their uncle with his drunk friends. "Nuura had to know! It's true that I swore not to tell anyone, but... She's not just anyone." Nuur thought to herself and asked Nuura to come visit her for the first time and to sleep with her. Nuur's brothers were young, so Nuura wasn't afraid to sleep with Nuur in a governorate so far from Cairo. As soon as Nuura went into Nuur's room, Nuura asked, "What's wrong with you? I've been asking you for a year, you never told me. Is something wrong with you or one of your family members?" Nuur cried and threw herself into Nuura's arms. "You always read me. Even if I don't say anything. You know something is wrong with me through my mere messages to you. I'll tell you my friend what's happened. I know you'll never tell anyone." Nuur told Nuura what happened and Nuura felt the same fears Nuur had. "What should we do?" Nuura wondered. "I don't know." Nuur responded. Nuur then slept of her back stretching her arms and legs feeling finally relaxed, then she added. "I have no idea what to do and I never expected a solution from you. I just wanted to tell you to calm down. You're my best friend and I always feel relieved when I talk to you and babble with you about anything. I really love you." Nuura slept beside Nuur and replied, "I do love you too. But, there must be something we can do. Shall I kill your uncle to protect you and turn him into that sacrifice instead?" Nuur laughed and topped Nuura and tickled her, "Do you want to help me or get us into gaol? But, your idea isn't bad either haha." Nuura then topped Nuur and bit her right hand when Nuur tried to defend herself then tickled her, "Now really. Since I'm here, we need to do something. You studied hieroglyphs and knew about the ancient Egyptian culture, right?" Nuur answered, "Yes, should we go discover that tomb?" Nuura narrowed her eyes, "Well, you can read my mind, my soulmate!"

Esraa Nuriko

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