Akari, Meri Ra

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Ch 6: Nuur and Nuura:

The two girls crept to the store room and dug a little, then descended into the hole under the story room near the tomb. "It's digable."Said Nuura. "Yeah, the leaked water made it easier to dig around the tomb." Nuur explained. They dug quietly, so as not for her neighbours to hear, drugged the family by sleeping pills. While digging, Nuura fell down as the flagstones beneath her cracked."Well, now I'm next to the tomb and even touching it. It's fully out. I believe your family wouldn't know that we dug here, as they no longer use these room as a store room, right?" Nuura said. Nuur sighed while jumping into that hole, "Yeah. I guess so. We're so curious, I'm afraid we're doing a bad thing."Nuura hit Nuur's shoulder lightly, "Don't overthink it. We're not stealing from it or something haha." Nuur spotted some hieroglyphs on that tomb. Nuur could read some of them. "Cursed, Ti." Nuur thought it belonged to Ti, the wife of Ramses the third, which is said to be missing. But, what happened minutes later proved them wrong.Nuur and Nuura reached the door of that tomb, and got bad feelings about the girl buried here. Meanwhile, Ti, the witch, felt someone got closer to the door of her hidden tomb which was no longer hidden, thanks to or because of Nuur and Nuura who bared it. "Ah, FINALLY!!I can't believe it. I can feel the place of my tomb! It had a spell cast on it to prevent me from touching or sensing where it is, because if I knew, I'd kill people to get my corpse from that rotten tomb and free myself!I'd no longer need to get back in time using so much effort,time travelling’d be easy!I'll have the ultimate power. I need someone else to get me out of it." Ti expressed her rejoice."Come! Come get me out! Open the door and let me out!!" Ti uttered in witches' hypnotic tone of voice. Nuur felt hypnotized and attracted towards the door of the tomb, after Ti said her words. Nuura pulled her away, "What are you doing? You said that this tomb was cursed. Don't open the door."Nuur murmured trying to gain consciousness, "I don't know. I just feel attracted to opening it and seeing what's inside." Nuura hugged Nuur, "No no. Seems like this place is actually cursed. I'm sorry for dragging you with me because of my curiosity. I should've not encouraged you to go…" Nuur, still couldn't stop herself, opened the door. "NO!" Shouted Nuura. Something weird came out of the door with a flying amount of dust that rested on Nuur who didn't move for a few seconds. "Nuur, are you okay?" Nuur, who had Nuura's arms wrapped around her from the back, suddenly asked, "So this girl's name’s Nuur? Good name. She was actually my 'nuur' that got me out of the dark." Nuura didn't understand, "Nuur what's wrong?" Nuur slapped away Nuura's hands. "I'm not Nuur, idiot. Not anymore. I'm Ti." Ti, in Nuur's body, gave out her hand, "Nice to meet you." Nuura slapped her hand and clutched onto Nuur's collar. "Who are you, disgusting creature? And why are you in Nuur's body? LEAVE’ER ALONE!" Ti laughed and, using magic, knocked Nuura down that her back hit the ground."LET’ER GO! TAKE ME instead." Ti marched to her and held Nuura's neck, lifting her up. "I can kill you easily, but I need you and you need me, so you'd better listen! If you wanna save your beloved friend, you've to go to another tomb. Do you see this necklace I'm wearing? Your friend wasn't wearing it, was she? Yes, because it's mine. Now this scarab necklace is the only thing that separates my soul from your friend's soul in her body, in which we both coexist. Take it with you to protect you in that tomb, and bring me another Scarab necklace, an Ankh and a Sa. Do you know what those are? I'm sure you do, because your friend always told you about pharaonic symbols, no?" Ti left Nuura's neck and brushed the dust off Nuura.Nuura pushed her away, "Do you think I'm a fool?I already know that the scarab is only for good luck, it doesn't do any protection like you say!" Ti smirked, "It's not a normal one, it's made especially for me by a skilled pharaonic wizard.It'll do magic just listen and remember, this necklace is important.If broken, your friend's soul will be lost and taken over by genies, and her body’ll be mine!" Nuura smirked,"Do you think I'm stupid?I know that genies can't take souls! Cut the crap I know you can hurt me and Nuura. But if you don't use magic, I'll beat you in no time! You're better than me in magic only, for the sake of my Nuur I won't get crazy and I swear you won't like what I'll do! I too can summon genies it's easy! Magic books are available nowadays.If you threaten me, you're the one who's going to regret. I can go to millions of sheikhs, and of course many of them know how to use magic. I'll just use the shortcut and help you on condition that you don't hurt her!"Ti, shocked yet clapped, "Wow impressive. Just take care of the necklace. Notice, the tomb you're going to is scary and no one dares to get there, so no matter what you hear, don't listen to it. Only listen to me. Your friend's soul, no, life is in my hand." Nuur resisted by reading some Qur'an verses, "Nuura, don't listen to her! She's strong, I know! She's a witch, a skilled one at that, she'll kill us anyway. I'm sure she's trapped in here and wants you to to prepare for summoning her, she’ll use black magic elements, yet she's forbidden from doing that so she's using you you for the purpose then she'll kill you!"Ti silenced Nuur. Nuura felt paralyzed. "What did you decide? Will you save your friend or?" Nuura announced, "I'll save her from you and I promise you'll never be able to hurt her, not even in your dreams!" Ti laughed and patted Nuura's head like a pet, which Nuura refused by lifting away Ti's hands. Ti told Nuura what to do and where to go, and refused to tell her why she needed to do that. Nuura went to Akari's tomb and that was what happened.Akari told Nuura at the tomb, "Don't worry about the necklace here it's like new." Nuura cried in joy. Akari stated while walking with Nuura to face Ti, "You do love your friend and you both are ready to do many things for each other. You're afraid, yet brave enough to risk your life for her, even to kill for her.You almost killed before, right?"Nuura stopped walking, looked at Akari. "Murderous Juice! You're really obsessed with Nuur."Nuura lowered her head, "I don't know if they're killed, but now I know how could Ti know that Nuur taught me about pharaonic symbols. You both can read minds if you touch the head." Akari smiled,"Not particularly the head, but yes the closer to it, the better. They're not dead, don't blame yourself." Nuura looked sharply, "I don't blame myself! They deserved even worse! They had to feel my pain." Akari said nothing while walking with Nuura in disguise to hide her pharaonic gown. Both of them reminisced about that memory from Nuura's mind.Years ago when both Nuur and Nuura were college students, they used to attend each others' lectures and even skip lectures to be together. They hid from doctors when they took attendance by pretending to be extra students from other sections. Both were students at the Faculty of Arts, Nuura studied in the English Department. The second year, there was a classmate of Nuura who said he liked her.She turned him down yet he insisted on confessing his love for her by doing romantic things which slowly melted her heart, and she started to to be attracted to him. When she was attached enough, he left her and and declared he wanted to tease her because she he got higher marks than him.Nuura was heartbroken, got admitted to the hospital, fell into a comma and missed the the 2nd term's exams.Her parents postponed the exams for the next year, so as not to let her grade be affected because she'd get a mediocre grade for that whole year if she was held back a year.Nuur in return couldn't let Nuura repeat a year alone.Nuur was easily bedridden, she did all she could to get really bad cold that she was hospitalized and her family could hardly postpone her exams.She food-poisoned herself by eating unclean food and unwashed vegetables so she got severe intestinal catarrh (acute enteritis)she wasn't cured until more than two weeks and had a relapse.Nuura awoke and knew what Nuur did for her and that both were in the same hospital, for their parents knew that they both loved each other and didn't want to be separated, so they put them both in the same hospital. Nuura went to Nuur's room and hugged her crying. Nuura never forgot what Nuur did for her and cherished her even more.That boy got his punishment. He thought because his father was the owner of a water company, he can act childishly towards some exam controllers, who made him fail his subjects and was held back for two years. That's unfair, but what he did to Nuura and Nuur was unfair too. That's karma. Nuur and Nuura graduated together planning to do many things until… Before Nuur lived in Minya, she lived in a rural town called "Zāre' or planter" it's a place, in Giza, which its water was contaminated and caused diseases. Nuur got one of these terrible diseases and was thought of as almost dead. Nuura visited her every day crying by her side, swearing she'll take revenge.One day Nuur's heart stopped. Nuura was just visiting her and ran when she heard the news. She hugged Nuur crying and begging her not to leave her, then she fell into a comma. When Nuura hugged Nuur, Nuur's heart started beating, yet she was still in a comma. Nuur's parents knew their daughter wouldn't make it so they preferred to leave things like that and not tell Nuura when she'd wake up. Waiting for Nuur's death is worse than her death itself. It was cruel of them but they wanted the best for the poor tender girl who loved Nuur from the bottom of her heart as if she was her blood-related sister. When Nuura awoke, she swore to avenge Nuur even if she'd kill. Her simple plan was to investigate a little and send some "juice" to the people involved in Nuur's death. Zāre's mayor bought his family mineral water to drink and cook, and used an expensive water filter on water taps for washing. He didn't care about his poor people and let many die. The head of the water company of Zāre' too was responsible. She got tap water from Nuur's apartment and made the juice. Nuur's parents allowed Nuura to stay with them. She used vegetables and fruits irrigated by wastewater, the same water poor villagers had to use to water their plants.She used every contaminated thing Zāre's people had to use because of their uncaring mayor and the head of the water company. That boy, who broke her heart, was the son of the head of the water company, and he took a great position in that company too.And she knew how that company staff was responsible too for neglecting Zāre's people who pled many times on TV. So, Nuura used user friendly sites and paid money to make one for her fake juice company with some promotion on FB and other media. Then she sent the "Murderous Juice" to all people involved at once pretending to be a new company promoting for its new products. It was well made and looked like that of a juice company, she even printed a box for her company. Hence, they drank it, for companies tend to give away their products for promoting purposes. As they were not used to drinking tap water, they were really fragile and couldn't bear to drink such juice without falling ill. They were hospitalized and almost died, yet Nuura didn't care to know more about them. She met the boy on the streets, because she knew he didn't like to drink juice. She wore an oversized black sweatshirt, its hoodie on her head with a fabric black mask on her face, then she hit him with a tree branch repeatedly."This is for hurting me and Nuur then. This is for hurting Nuur and me now! Die you rascal!" She thought to herself while hitting him. She stopped hitting and forced him to drink the murderous juice. It was unbelievable, but that happened. After that, these poisoning accidents were called "The Murderous Juice" and whenever someone wanted to take revenge on someone who hurt and oppressed them, they'd send them murderous juice. It was announced, using forensic medicine analysis, that juice wasn’t poisoned. It’d bacteria in it due to unhygienic washing of its contents. Nuura was never caught and nobody knew it was her. She couldn't live any longer, so she went to Nuur's grave and cried over it. She swallowed poison and waited to die. Meanwhile, Nuur finally recovered and was ready to leave the hospital and looked for Nuura everywhere after she knew what her parents told Nuura. She knew she'd find her on her grave, after Nuura turned off her phone. While crying, she felt two arms hugging her from behind. "Who?" Nuura inquired.Nuur playfully,"Guess who?" Nuura couldn't believe her eyes, "Am I dreaming?" Nuur hugged her, "Nope." She told her what happened, then Nuura asked, "Then why does this gravestone have your name on it?" Nuur seemed hesitant as she knew she'd get beaten up, "Ahem. When my grandfather died, I insisted on being buried beside him, so I carved my name of that stone and placed it as a gravestone to reserve my burial spot. I was young, but I still insist on being buried beside him, and beside you. My family reluctantly reserved it." Nuura screamed while crying joyfully and hitting her, "You idiot! You stupid annoying friend I don't want to be friends with you anymore! Do you know what I did?" Nuura collapsed. "What's wrong, Nuura? Why do you look pale? What did you do to yourself my Nuura?" Nuura told her what she'd done. "Oh Allah! I should be afraid of you and reproach you, but I actually am glad, that means I'm a psychopath just like you, right? I'll take you to the hospital now. Hang on, idiot!"Nuura stopped reminiscing. She with Akari faced Ti. "Long time no see Ti. I never missed you though." "Heeh I never missed you either, Akari."On the way, Akari showed her what Ti'd done. Simply, she was doing illegal experiments on dead bodies, which stopped her from getting into the wizards council. Ti hated Akari and framed her, causing troubles. Akari went to end that fight with Ti and found her with the pharaonic wizard Meri Amun or the beloved of god Amun whom hated her with Ti, as she was called Akari Meri Ra or the beloved of god Ra.Simply, both followed different gods, hence were not on the same page. Meri Amun and Ti admitted during chatting together that they hypnotized the guards and stole late king Khufu's corpse to get his power. Not only that, they also kidnapped beautiful maidens and used their skin and blood to make organic cosmetics and sell, but that wasn't their real purpose. They were searching for young body's elixir, using royal blood that was said to have a different kind of power with maidens' eyes and hymens, as that was believed to the sign of purity. Shocked to hear, Akari has to face them. "Your cosmetics had blood and human skin in them?That's disgusting! I don't know why you hate me, but I know I have the same hatred for you without a reason.Now I know why!"Ti mocked, "Finished? It's none of your business! If you try to tell on us, people won't believe you, because Meri Amun is on my side. He's the royal magician as you know.It's your word against his.Even if you're Akari Meri Ra, he's the head of the wizard council." Meri Amun stated, "Why don't you join us? We seek power and power lies in the youthful body. We need more than magic to achieve the youth alixir. Selling cosmetics was for Ti to search for beautiful coy pure maidens. That youth potion will get us the throne and I and her will be the new pharaonic King and Queen. King Meri Amun and Queen Ti Meri-Amun. What an enchanting sentence to hear. You can be so close to us Akari. We, magicians, should rule, not these mortal kings." Akari commented sharply, "If you say you're more qualified to be the king, then why do you need to take the power out of the late kings body? Why don't you take it off your own body, if you, as you say, are better than him?"He frowned,"Akari!" She cut him, "You're not chosen by the gods to be the king. He is!" He smirked,"Then I'll have the ultimate power first then to choose me!" Ti interfered, "You're no match for us Akari. Just join us and end this enmity." Akari slapped her, "In your dreams! My family has been protecting the kings and the people of Egypt for years, so I can't just blow that up for a stupid reason as to replace the king with a more scheming powerful one. It's not about power it's about heart." She left them ignoring the curses on her and before she could tell on them, they started moving. They accused of treachery and people believed them. Akari was cursed, killed and was forbidden from being reincarnated. But before she he was killed,she cast a spell on Ti throwing her into a loop in time to be lost forever.She also froze Meri Amun by using forbidden black magic taught by her family and only allowed to be used in danger against enemies. She viewed him as a dangerous enemy and froze him then crashed the ice to pieces and threw it in a different loop in time. Ti was able to partially escape that loop and was stuck into the future. When Akari was to be killed, she didn't care.The people whom she helped didn't believe her. She was never awake until she felt the power on the scarab necklace that was Meri Amun's and Ti's. He made it to protect her and she used her power to make it stronger.Akari knew that Ti was alive and that awakened Akari, despite the spell cast on Akari which was "Sleep forever. Wake up, never!" That spell was strong of course but grudge and anger were strong enough to wake her from her sleep. "How come she lives and not me? She's the evil one here!"Akari faced Ti with Nuura."Give her Nuur back! Get out of her body." Ti mocked, "It's my Nuur now! She helped me, so she's myNuur 'light' and her body's mine!" Nuura, angered, "You bitch!! She's my Nuur, give her back!"Nuura rushed to hit Ti. "Heh. That's what I wanted! Now tell me how can Akari help you?" Ti cast a spell on Nuura and Akari cast a spell in the last minute to save Nuura by throwing herself and her into a loop in time.Going back to the amnesiac girl."I've got a shadow in the mirror! I'm Nuura!! How come all of that happened?"Akari patted her head, "I intervened in the last minute to save you from losing yourself as a whole she started by making you lose your memories then she let you slowly fade away. You'll be stuck in this state till you go mad and kill yourself.Unfortunately, I know different kinds of magic than her and vice versa, so saving you was easy but gaining your memories was up to you only.I wanted, before I eliminate her, to save your friend but unfortunately your wrong move destroyed everything. Nuur and her family are probably killed as sacrifices for her weird magic."Nuura gasped, "NO!!"

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