Akari, Meri Ra

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Ch 7: The End:

Nuura was lost in thought, but stated, "You can play with time!" Akari in surprise, "Huh?" Nuura smiled, "Yes you can play back time I'm and stop it, pausing everything like a video. Ti didn't use these pharaonic elements. They're with you!!" Akari sighed, "I'm sure Ti's messing with people's lives at the moment. I tried my best to pause time till you gain your memories, but you know this takes a lot of energy, so I couldn't stop her for long."

Nuur was suspicious, "Why did you wait for me without destroying her? Your powers are useless now that you didn't use the Ankh, Sa, Scarab, right?" Akari smirked, "Smart girl. Although we're both cursed, we still have some powers. I wasn't reincarnated neither was she. We know that if we use those pharaonic tools, we will be reincarnated with incredible powers. Since we're both cursed, none could touch the tombs nor the tools in them. For that, Ti asked you to get her my Sa, Ankh and Scarab. She couldn't take them herself. My tomb was well hidden by members of my family's magic under the King's orders. But, they couldn't undo the cast spell at first, for it was the King's orders too. The truth is, after the spell was cast on me, I committed suicide before they could kill me. My innocence was proved after my death by my friends who searched for evidences. Unfortunately, you can't undo the cast spell after the person is dead. I'm forever cursed."Nuura asked, "So, I've been wanting to ask, when you were gazing at me fiercely, you weren't actually gazing at me, no?" Akari laughed, "No. I was glancing at Ti. She was looking at me through a window in the building opposite to me. That memory…" Nuura said, "I got it. I was by chance in place of Ti. You were amazing at her not me. I hate you! Now shall we save Nuur and stop Ti?" Akari smiled, "She can't do anything rest assured. I also trapped Ti in the hole her tomb was in before throwing you into this time loop. Why in your opinion was I free to play with you in these memories? Even if stopping Ti needed so much energy, she was and still is no match for me! Well. Let's go back!"

They came back and Akari took the tools to a place between the three pyramids. She used magic to uncover a hidden tomb of her family. With Nuura, she went into it and let Nuura place the Sa, Ankh, Scarab into an obelisk in that tomb. Akari recited, "The Sa means the protection of the young life. The Scarab is for good luck. The Ankh is for reincarnation and immortality.If you combine them together, you'll live well for eternity." Akari gained super power back and broke that curse then placed one of the strongest curses on Ti and his her tomb forever and repaired the floor above the tomb and erased the memory of the floor breaking from Nuur's family's, neighbours' and friends' memories.Nuur was finally free. She was astonished to know how Akari was able to jump through time and place. She went from Giza to Minya in the blink of an eye."Will you try to rule Egypt with your power?"Nuur asked. Akari laughed, "No. I just wanted to break the curse and take my revenge. I can't live in this world, because I'm a stranger and all the people I love are dead now, thus I'd be really lonely but for you, my friends."Akari's eyes teared, "Now I shall rest in peace knowing I'll be reincarnated again. I'd like to meet you both again."

Akari smiled and patted their heads, "Your greatest greatest greateeeeest grandmothers were both my followers and friends. They defended me against Ti. I know that, because I am now in the future, and as a witch, I can know what happened in the past. I got to see their amazing descendants, that's a relief. I miss them. Your grandmother were friends too. It seems like friendship is running through your blood. God bless you. I'll miss you. Farewell good friends."Nuura and Nuur hugged her, then she turned herself into ashes. Nuura and Nuur hugged each other."I love how strong our friendship was and is and will still be!" Nuur stated and Nuura told, "I'll never leave your side my friend. I'd die for you and I can't believe that stupid witch Ti made me forget about you! This was indeed painful for me to know… I was afraid of gaining back my memories, because I'd have to face the scariest memory of losing you because of my stupid curiosity."Both hugs and swore to stick with each others forever. Their pure friendship was to last forever and not the strongest magic can break it.

"The End"

Esraa Nuriko

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