An Artist's Intention

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To Remain Quiet

The rest day of the transpired as normal as ever. Yukio took me back to campus before my next class, which we ended up having together anyway, so lucky me. We shared a subpar meal at the Campus Center, discussing the smaller things in life. Apparently, his favorite color was silver, he preferred dogs, and his all-time dream was to see the seven wonders of the world. He was far more ambitious than me. I just wanted to travel to Italy and try authentic spaghetti for once.

            At the end of the day, he escorted me back to my dorm, kind enough to make sure we avoided Levi at all costs. We made plans to meet up for breakfast, exchanged contact info, and went our separate ways. Throughout the course of the day, though, we did receive some curious looks from people. Whether it was because I, of all people, was the first to befriend the transfer student or that the transfer student made a friend so quickly at all, it was anyone’s guess. And, despite everything, I slept soundly that night.

*** *** ***

            Then, the cruel light of morning broke through my window and woke me up minutes before my alarm. I would have woken up before my alarm with or without the sun, but it didn’t make it any less annoying. I groaned and moaned as I struggled to wake up, taking my phone and cancelling the alarm before it blasted out my ears.

            After doing so, I checked my messages. Yukio already contacted me to confirm our morning meeting. Could this be considered a date? I giggled to myself like the little schoolgirl I was and brushed the idea away. Given the circumstances, it was anything but. However, I was looking forward to spending time with Yukio. We didn’t specify if it was to discuss Haruka and whatever we would need to do to find him or if we were just spending time getting to know one another. Either way, I could use it.

            And, as per my usual morning routine, I went to my door, opened it, and checked my ‘Private Chat Request’ box. There were a few entries this morning. Only four, but it was my responsibility to go through them and be a decent RA.

            Danica down the hall wanted to know the process to get an ESA. Okay, that would be a quick meeting. Jordan really needed to rant about her physics class; the professor was being a complete ass about grading and she was freaking out about failing. Fair enough. Janet still needed to know about that fee for the school competition. The only problem was she never specified which school competition. There were, like, fifty at any given time! And they’re all expensive!

            Finally, I reached the last note and saw it was…Lily? Hers was folded up, the handwriting on the front very carefully crafted. I opened it delicately. The note inside was a smidge longer than I was expecting.

“Hey, Saige. I know you’re really busy with all your schoolwork and personal stuff, but I was wondering if we could meet up in the morning and talk. There’s something I really need to get off my chest, but I don’t want to put it all down here, especially if someone decides to read through it without our knowledge. I just really need to talk to someone before I explode. Sorry to bother you about this, but I know I can trust you.”

            Oh, wow, what was going on with her? I had noticed she was becoming increasingly more exhausted these past few months. A new bruise showed up every other day, but she was always smiling. Nicole and Vanessa were being ruthless toward her, as always. Maybe they knew something about it, but refused to tell anybody. Wasn’t that blackmail?

            I placed the letters to the side and grabbed my shower supplies, towel, and change of clothes. Regardless of everything, I had to clean up. I didn’t do so last night and I was starting to feel the effects. I left my room and entered the very busy hall. Girls were running to and fro trying to get to class, grabbing a shower stall, or just waiting outside their doors for their roommates.

            Rachel was outside her own door playing on her phone. Nicole’s door was cracked open just enough for me to hear her blasting her music. I caught peeks of Vanessa dancing around without a care in the world. She was almost likable with the way she didn’t give a crap about what people said about her or saw. That said, she was still one the worst people I had ever met. Not that the bar was very high to begin with.

            I decided to walk over to Rachel on my way to shower. “Hey, Rachel. What’s up?”

            She looked up from her phone and grinned widely. “Oh, hey, Saige. Nothing much.”

            “How’s the drama with you and Felicity? Did you kiss and make up?”


Edited: 15.02.2019

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