An Inferno Blaze

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Chapter 3

Onice and Diamante stood in front of the old performers that they rescued. They were able to help eight, including James and Andrew, to escape. Onice felt proud of himself. Thanks to Diamante, they can rest easy knowing that they had skilled performers to do their bidding.

"Comme vous le savez, nous vous avons sauvé pour une raison." The performers looked at each other confused. Dare even to try to speak or ask why was not going to be an option. (As you know, we saved you for a reason.)

"Vos compétences et votre force impeccable peuvent nous aider tous. Aujourd'hui, vous n'êtes plus Performeurs, mais plutôt des leaders très sophistiqués qui nous aideront à nous hisser au Sommet." The leaders started to murmur in excitement, thrilled to have such a high status. Onice grinned. (Your skills and your excellent strength can help us all. Today, you are no longer Performers, but rather very sophisticated leaders who will help us to climb to the top.)

"Notre but est de détruire l'état actuel du Commerce de Quenoy. L'entreprise et ses partenaires sont dirigés par des tyrans impitoyables qui ne veulent rien d'autre que de voir les gens souffrir." The excited murmurs halted as the leaders listened to everything that Onice said. At best, this was a problematic organisation to get rid of the corrupt companies that have the government on their side. But at worst, it was a suicide mission. Onice didn't care; he knew how to handle these situations. (Our goal is to destroy the current state of Quenoy Commerce. The company and its partners are led by ruthless tyrants who want nothing more than to see people suffer.)

"La première chose que nous devons faire est de se préparer. Vous devez amener des gens qui sont désespérés pour l'argent et nous les donner. Ils seront payés pour suivre nos instructions, et le ou les leaders qui les auront amenés recevront des cadeaux." The leaders' bodies relaxed as they heard his offers. Because of how they were barely given any money from the greedy ringleader, this was going to be easy. (The first thing we need to do is prepare. You must bring people who are desperate for money and give them to us. They will be paid to follow our instructions, and the leader(s) who brought them will receive gifts.)

Onice dismissed the leaders and all walked out, leaving Onice and Diamante alone. As soon as the door shut behind them, Onice rushed Diamante into his room with the doors closed.

"We are not safe," Onice saw Diamante's eyes fill with pure confusion before her eyes flashed to the fire back at the circus. Onice nodded his head to confirm what she thought. Diamante started to panic.

"Did thee see them? Which one?" Diamante's eyes filled up with tears when Onice did not answer. She started to grind her teeth. Once sighed as he told her everything.

"It was the twin with the power of ice. I went to retrieve file #437; he was already there wearing the uniform. He somehow got the key to the classified files, took the EXACT file that I was looking for and was about to kill me. Luckily, I caught him off guard and used the ancient nerve pinch.

Diamante took a deep breath as she felt the gravity of the situation. The twins are still alive, and they have infiltrated the authorities and now are probably angry at them for reasons unknown.

"I swear, if thou does not have a good plan, then thee will be sorry," Onice started to like the look of fiery revenge in Diamante's eyes. He could see how the twins should have been on her side and how they owed her for being set free. Her anger was what he needed to fuel this operation.

Onice took the file from his desk and handed it to Diamante. She looked down in confusion before looking at the first page. Her eyes widened as she saw the dates, receipts, and bank statements that the Du Quenoy Commerce had. From its origin to its future projects with the current owner, Mauvais Sélérat.

"I have prepared the best way to destroy the companies. We are dealing with three main companies, including the Du Quenouy Commerce. The other companies are the Baccarat and the Frontenac Enterprise. The Baccarat company is the country's bank. It holds the stock as well as the wealth of the companies in France. And the Frontenac Enterprise operates the military weapons that the French Army and Navy use."

Diamante nodded as she flipped through the dates of particular events. She also saw the plans for future projects.

"We are going after Frontenac. Frontenac has industrial factories all over France. Because of this, workers are given small amounts of money to work for a twelve-hour shift. It is notorious for the death of its workers because of exhaustion. The current owners are Alexandre and Arthur Legrand. Slave owners who use their females as sex objects."  

"So how shall we destroy these pheens?" Onice almost laughed at Diamanté's innocent question. But to be honest, he was the organiser of this operation.

"Thou has to redirect the fear of the people towards us. Have them worship our every step, that not even the authoritative force can stop us. Rule over these desperate idiots and be the name that brings fear to everyone.


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