An Inferno Blaze

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Chapter 6

Diamanté woke up in a shock. She wished that she woke up in her chambers at the Manor. But instead, she woke up in a dingy room and a tiny bed. The blankets were scratchy and old; not like the soft, fresh blanket that had soft griffin feathers filled inside.

She tried to get out of bed. That was when she realized that her foot and wrists were being chained up to the bed. She looked down and saw that her dress that she wore had been replaced with an itchy nightgown over her corset. Diamante wiped herself and realized that the makeup was removed entirely from her face. Her throat still felt painful from how he had strangled her.

Why in the devil's name was she in this prison? Diamanté had thought that she would be executed by now. The fact that she was going to be trapped here was already torture. But just as she was planning for a way to escape, Diamanté turn her head around as she heard the door unlock.

When she saw that it was the fire twin, she couldn't stand it anymore. She jumped out of bed to attack him. But the chain prevented her from getting even close to his proximity. He was laughing at her fail attempts to get to him. In his eyes, she was acting like a wild animal.

"Regardez-vous maintenant. Je pourrais vous libérer, mais je ne pense pas pouvoir le faire." Diamanté yelled out in anger and fustration. Her screams echoed through the walls of the prison as she continued to pull the chains from the bed. Her fury was more than enough to make the strongest man cower in fear. However, the red twin was still laughing; he knew that she couldn't do anything to him at all. (Look at you now. I could free you, but I don’t think I can do it.)

"J’espère que vous apprécierez votre séjour ici. Vous ne vous reste que Deux semaines à vivre." Diamanté glared at the fire twin as he left the room. As soon as he left, Diamanté searched around, desperate to find a way out. She continued to pull on the chains, not caring about the bruises forming on her wrists. (I hope you enjoy your stay here. You only have two weeks to live.)

Fourteen days. Diamanté had only fourteen days to live. Her mind went back into the time when Onice came home after he was due to be executed. Everyone was worried. Diamanté remembered how confused. First, as to why they had arrested Onice, and secondly, how he was able to return without being killed.

Diamanté had to find another way out. Pulling against the chains was futile. So it may seem that her only logical option was to get on the fire twin's side. It was embarrassing that she didn't even know his name. 

Diamanté sat on the dirty floor. She was sure that the fire twin was to keep an eye on her because he seemed to be a commanding officer who played no games. Usually, Diamanté would love the challenge; but time was running out.

Diamanté heard the door open. She saw the fire twin come in with a small bowl of oatmeal; nothing like the fresh bread, sweets and cooked meat that she ate in her Manor.

"Vous ne vas pas encore essayer de t’échapper?" The fire twin held a look of surprise when Diamanté responded with a chuckle. He waited for her to try to jump at him again, but it never came. (You’re not gonna try to escape again?)

He slowly gave the bowl to Diamanté and watched in confusion as she took the meal with no complaints. The way she ate wasn't one that hated the food; in fact, it seemed that she ate it with proper manners. Diamanté gave the bowl back to him with a smile.

"Merci," The fire twin nodded as he took the bowl and left. (Thank you.)

Diamanté smirked. Of course, he would expect her to go off on a rampage. But she realized that it was idiotic behavior. If she were going to die, then at least she would die with some dignity.

She heard footsteps at the front of the door, but no one opened the door. Diamante had assumed that he was guarding her entrance; in case she was to pull any shenanigans. 

"Tu sais ce que c’est?" Her reply was the deafening silence, but Diamanté knew that he was listening to her carefully. (You know what?)

"Après tout ce temps, je ne connais même pas votre nom." Diamanté could hear the shuffling in front of the door. He was getting a bit riled up at her words, and she knew it. (After all this time, I don’t even know your name.)

"Je pense que c'est assez drôle si vous y pensez. Je vous ai vu enfermé; maintenant je suis Celui qui est piégé," Diamante could hear the ghost of a chuckle come from outside the cell. But as soon as it was there; it was gone. This plan was way more comfortable than Diamanté had hope. (I think it’s pretty funny if you think about it. I saw you locked up; now I’m the one who’s trapped.)

"Quand j’étais enfant, on s’en prenait Toujours à moi. Même si ma mère disait que j’avais des yeux qui scintillant et qui brilliant, je n’en avais pas envie.

Vous devez savoir ce que l’on ressent; pour les gens de vous traiter comme des ordures en raison de la façon dont nous sommes différents." The silence returned again. Even though she was sure that he listened; another part of her was thinking otherwise. (When I was a kid, I was always picked on. Even though my mother said I had eyes that shimmered and shined, I didn’t want them.

Do you know what it feels like; for people to treat you like garbage because of the way we are different?)


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