An Inferno Blaze

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Chapter 7

Diamante woke up in the empty cell; she expected to be woken up by the hard banging, but it never came. She had to wait for another ten minutes before she heard the familiar footsteps approach the closed door.

"Bonjour, Rubis. Comment est ta journée?" She looked up and saw the cell door swing open. There, she saw a disgruntled Rubis whose red eyes were full of anger. She smiled at him innocently; trying to hide the fact that he looked absolutely terrifying at the moment. (Good morning, Ruby. How’s your day?)

"Qu’est-ce que tu me fais, Diamante?" Diamante sat up from her bed, confused; as far as she was concerned, she remembered not doing anything at all. But apparently, the silence wasn't the answer that he was looking for, and this made him angry. (What are you doing to me, Diamante?)

"Je sais ce que vous essayez de faire, Diamante. Vous vous servez de moi pour vous échapper!" Rubis' face turned red as he grew more upset. Diamante should've been shocked; just the fact that Rubis knew her plan should have made her freak out, but she had nothing to lose. (I know what you’re trying to do, Diamante. You’re using me to escape!)

"Rubis, je t’ai dit des choses que même Onice ne sait pas. Je n’ai que Trois jours à vivre, tout ce que je veux c’est m’entendre avec toi." Diamante's timid response was confusing Rubis. She was the Diamond demon; a woman that many men would gladly torture for the mass murder that she has done. However, all he saw was a fragile woman who wanted to advocate for those less fortunate. (Ruby, I told you things that even Onice doesn’t know. I only have three days to live; all I want is to get along with you.)

"Et tu me devez," Rubis looked up and saw Diamante's sunken face. He almost scoffed at her remark. He knew that trying to break her spirits was something that he needed to do, but Rubis didn't think that he could go through with seeing Diamante suffer. But he had to keep sharp. (And you owe me.)

"Je ne vous dois rien," Rubis spat. He marched up to Diamante; hoping that she would get furious for refusing to set her free. Instead, Diamante placed her slender hands around Rubis' cheeks. (I owe you nothing.)

"Sans moi, ce terrible cirque serait Toujours votre Maison; je me souviens aussi que c’est vous qui avez tué le meneur. Je ne vais pas vous convaincre de me libérer. Mais je sais que vous ferez ce qui s’impose." Her whisper gave Rubis shivers at the back of his spine. When she let go of his face, Rubis had the urge to put her hands back; it was as if her hands belonged there. (Without me, that terrible circus would still be your home; I also remember that it was you who killed the ring leader. I’m not going to convince you to let me go. But I know you’ll do the right thing.)

Diamante smiled as Rubis stared into her eyes. Rubis could see how her eyes did shimmer and shine. Her eyes were hypnotic, and the spell entranced Rubius. It took him back to a much simpler time; a time when he could remember his mother and father, the first and last time he had an actual family.

"Alors, quand vas-tu me nourrir?" Rubis heard Diamante's question which brought him back. He felt his cheeks heat up as he walked out of the cell, leaving the door open. (So when are you going to feed me?)

When he returned to the prison cell, He saw Diamante sitting against the wall. He smiled when she patted the dirty floor next to her as an invitation. Rubis shrugged and got next to her. He handed her the small loaf of bread and watched in delight as she slowly ate every piece.

"Je ne vois pas comment tu peux être si calme." (I don’t see how you can be so calm.)

He grinned when Diamante chuckled. Ever since Rubis heard that laugh yesterday, he wanted to hear more from it.

"Je suis calme parce que je suis avec toi" Rubis looked at her surprised. She just smiled at him while continuing to eat the bread. (I’m calm because I’m with you)

"Pourquoi?" (Why?)

"Je ne sais pas. je voulais te détruire toi et ton jumeau après que tu m’aies trahi. Mais je comprends; vous vouliez recommencer, et vous n’alliez pas le trouver avec moi." Diamante understood that Rubis and his twin weren't going to taste freedom. They both were going to be tools from the get-go. But at least they were going to be given roles that they would most enjoy. (I don’t know. I wanted to destroy you and your twin after you betrayed me. But I understand; you tried to start again, and you weren’t going to find it with me.)

"J’espère juste que Charlotte va bien. Elle est très proche de moi et Saphir" Diamante smiled at Rubis' genuine concern. Of course, he would care for the little dark girl. Charlotte was so young, and her innocence was a fragile gift. (I hope Charlotte’s okay. She’s very close to Sapphire and I)

"Je comprends ce que vous voulez dire. J’ai tué Deux Hommes à cause de ma négligence. Après cela, je ne l’ai jamais laissée hors de ma vue. En plus, la Ville est mieux que de lui faire du mal." Rubis listened as Diamante admitted that she committed a double murder. However, it sounded to him that the only reason why she killed them was to protect the little girl. (I understand what you mean. I murdered Two Men because of my negligence. After that, I never let her out of my sight. Besides, the city knows better than try hurting her.)


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