Arc Blazers Year one

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Fallen Angel

Kirk Lansaw was a young boy with black hair in an orange outfit who was with his parents at the twin towers on 9/11. They were having a great time until out of nowhere an of war planes. One by on they began crashing into the tower. They tried to get,but the building exploded. The blast sent Kirk to the Astral Plane where he woke up in a bunker to see a man in a black outfit with black hair. 

"Who are you"Kirk asked "I am Natos and you are lucky I found you one more minute and you would have been dead"he said. "Yeah well thanks I'll be on my way"Kirk said "You don't even know where you are do you want to die"Natos asked. "I'm not worthy of anyone's help"Kirk said "I know you believe that it's your fault,but it's not"Natos said "You don't understand the explosion didn't kill my parents I did we were trying to get out when they tripped they held out their hands for me to help,but because I was to concerned with saving my own skin I stepped back and watched them burn in fire"Kirk said with his voice full of dread as he dropped to his knees and began to cry. Natos walked over with a sword. 

"Grab the sword,stand and fight"he said "I don't think I can"Kirk said "So you can't fight, you can't stand, you can't even grab what's wrong with you did that explosion blow your spine off"Natos asked. "I just can't at this point all I have is the blood of my parents on my hands"Kirk said "That very reason is all you need you killed your own parents if you weren't concerned with saving your own skin you would have survived and went on to live happy lives,,but you'll never know will you"Natos. Kirk began to look up "That's right you chose to start this story now finish it"Natos, Kirk stands up and grabs the sword "Your training begins at dawn" Natos said. Over the many months Natos began to train Kirk pushing his body to the limits, teaching him many forms of combat. He would also help Natos with many mercenary jobs a boy in a black jumpsuit with a black mask armed with a dagger. The two formed a great bond of master and student. 

They had a great system until the night they went camping. As they stared into the fire all of a sudden a giant cyclops comes running out of the forest and stops on Natos. Kirk runs over to help Natos "Natos are you ok"he asked "No I'm dead it's now all up to you as the last only you can end this war"Natos said as he touched his head and chest passing on the Fallen Angel Spirit. Kirk's eyes began to glow,red markings appered on his face,and black wings grew out of his while creating a sword out of his own shadow. When he found the cyclops he slashed it's whole into a million pieces,then cut off both of it's leg,and finally cuttiing off his arm. As it looked up him Kirk carved out his heart and dranked it's blood. When it was all over the dark lightning filled the sky and thunder shaked the ground the new Fallen Angel had been born. 

Many weeks later at an underground city's bar a biker gang came walking inside "Hey old man you got my protection money"their leader a big muscular man in a black outfit. "I'm sorry,but I don't have it"the old bartender said "You know this war has made this world a more dangerous place I can't promise that your place won't be damaged"the leader said as his gang began wrecking the place. "Leave the old man's bar alone and never come back"said a voice the leader looked up to see Kirk as the new Fallen Angel a man in a black jumpsuit in a black hood with a black mask armed with a sword. The entire gang burst out laughing "Ok I'll make you a deal if you beat me in a fight we'll leave"the leader said. The leader pullled a saber Fallen Angel Began to hear a voice whisper in his head. 

"Look at this fool when he attacks you should break his arm then use his own saber to slash off his arm, and finally go for his head"the voice whispered "Who are you"Fallen Angel asked "I am Senra the Fallen Angel Spirit"he whispered. As the leader attacked him he broke the leader's arm he then used his saber to slash off his whole arm,and finally slashed off his head. The entire gang then ran out, he walked over to the bar table he then grabbed the old man's head and bashed him it into the bar table breaking his nose. "Please sir I don't have any money"the old man said "I don't give a damn about your money who ordered the kill on Natos Core"Fallen Angel asked holding a knife up to the old man's throat. All of a sudden the old man began to laugh "It was me now I see it wasn't enough to kill him I should've killed you as well"he said Fallen Angel slit his knife then stabbed him in his in the head. Fallen Angel walked out and  he saw a vision of an ancient ruins and began to walk towards it.     

A story for everyone

Edited: 10.10.2019

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