Arc Blazers Year one

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In the heart of the Dark Empire three men in white armor where presented to the emperor a man in black armor with white hair. "Do you know who I am"the emperor asked the men "Your the Angel Spirit Agri a demon living in the skin of the emperor"one of the men said. Agri flew towards them and grbbed him by the throat "You dare address me in such a manner trespassing in my domain is treason of which you will pay with your life"he said as his hand turned into a claw and took his soul. 

He did same to the other two men when it is over he felt a strange surge of power "It can't be the Arc Blazers they have returned"he said. Agri then summoned General Sharpe a man in black armor with a metal arm and a metal eye with purple hair. "There has been a disturbance General the Arc Blazers have returned"Agri said "Your highness that's immpossible"Sharpe said. "Nothing is immpossible go to the ancient ruins and once again destroy it this time reduce it to ashes,and this time don't fail me or it will be your soul I collect next"Agri said walking off. He walked into an alter-like room where a woman in a black robe and white hair was sitting in the center. "The Arc Blazers have retuned a new Fallen Angel has risen you know who he is and so do I remmeber our deal Stoga for when this is all over I might just let hi live"Agri said  "Yes lord Agri"she said.

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Edited: 10.10.2019

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