Arc Blazers Year one

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The four members of the Arc Blazers walked towards the center of the Arc Blazers "Who are you guys"Saphire asked "Cody Rails Megaflare"Megaflare said "Jake Reiner Flashrunner"Falshrunner said "Kirk Lansaw Fallen Angel"Fallen Angel said "Nice to all of you I'm Ember Torch Saphire"Saphire said. "So were the Arc Blazers"Fallen Angel said "Yeah I wish we knew what to do now"Flashrunner said all of a sudden they were transported to a temple where they saw a man in a white cloack and with purple hair. 

"Welcome warriors of destiny I am Nippon the last sage of the Arc Blazers I understand that you all have some questions rest to sure I can tell you eveything, it all began a long time ago in ancient times their were only to tribes of people the ones who were protected by the Fallen Angel Spirit Senra who believed that every living being deserves to choose their own destinies and the ones who were controlled by the Angel Spirit Agri who belived he should control every single beings destiny because they were opposite of each other they began to constant battle with more time and power shifting between them Senra realized he would not be able to beat him on his own, so he created three talismens the power gun,the saphire stone,and the speed bolt he chose four warriors at the time, and to the leader of the team Senra mirged  with him thuse the original Arc Blazers were formed they deafeated Agri and banished his reamins to the dephs of the Astral Plain"Nippon said "So that's why there's a war,because Agri escaped"Saphire said "Yes and sense then talismens have been passed down throughtout the individual families,and everytime a new form of the Arc Blazers unite and the battle of good and evil is fought the talismans can only be passed down if the previous member is dying"Nippon said "So it's a cycle"Fallen Angel said. 

Nippon noded "Those with who inherit the talismens have roles to play the role of the warrios known as Megaflare,Saphire,and Flashrunner are to lead their strength in the event of that the present evil is alllowd to go on a rampage and the role of the warrior known as the Fallen Angel is to lead his team against the present evil and to choose their own destiny in the age he finds himself living in"Nippon said. 

"I understand we're the Arc Blazers and we can't just stand by and do nothing I'm going to fight to restore peace and balance who's with me"Fallen Angel said puttinng his sword in the center "I'm in"Megaflare said putting his gun in the center "So am I"Saphire said placing her fan in in the center "Count me I me in too"Flashrunner saidputting his hand in the middle. 

"Excellent you have unlocked a brand new power each of you have inherited powers from your ancestors to Jake Reiner your warrior has allows been the fastest of them all fighting with lightning as it's ally, to Ember Torch your has always possed the skills to move gracefully like the wind,to Cody Rail your warrior has fought without being seen,and finally to Kirk Lansaw your warrior has always marched in the vanguard seeking to restore balance to some it is a beacon to others a symbol of darkness"Nippon said. Then, a bright light shine the team found themselves back in the ancient ruins where Sharpe's armada began firing upon the entire ruins.

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