Arc Blazers Year one

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Fallen Angel woke up in an alter-like room he was on extremly on edge. "Relax Kirk your safe here"Stoga said "Wait how do you know my name"Fallen Angel asked "It was the name I gave you fifteen years ago"she said. "Wait you mean you're my mom that's impossible  my mother die she's dead"he said "No she adopted  you know it's true we are family"she said. 

"How did it happen"Fallen Angel asked "It all began many years when Natos led the the Arc Blazers we met in the Aura city I found him in a dumpster exremly wounded. I used my magic to heal after a while we fell in love and we married. Then, you came along when looking at you Natos did not want you to grow up in a world like this,so he came to the conclusion that if he merged Senra's power and Agri's power he would be able to destroy all evil from the multiverse. When he found his tomb Natos tried to absorb Agri's power,but it was too great Agri escaped,and possed the Dark Emperor. In order to keep you safe we made a deal with Agri if he let you live Natos would never battle him and I would serve at his side"she said. "I understand look I understand why you did this and I forgive you,but I ask you mother please help me end this war"Fallen Angel asked.

 "Ok"she said as she opened a secret door to a room where the real Kalor was chained up. After Fallen Angel realsed him of his chains the three ran to the fliet deck. When out of nowhere a cube appered around Kalor and Fallen Angel they looked behind them to see Agri. "It's Agri"Fallen Angel said "How did he figure out we were here"Kalor asked "You honestly thought I wouldn't sense your presessecne in my own domain"Agri said walking up to the cube "Kirk Lansaw it's so nice to see you again"he said. 

Fallen Angel punched the cube ,but his fist just bounced off. Agri began to laugh as he was laughing Stoga came from behind and blasted him with dark lightning,but it didn't effect him at all. "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA it would seem that you and your son need a lesson in respecting your supirirors in order to help Kirk I'll make an example out of you"Agri said as he transformed his hand into a claw,he began to use to rip out her heart and crushed it.

 "NOOOOOOOOOO"Fallen Angel screemed as his eyes began to glow he broke the cube woth his bear hand. He then, created white fire and used it to burn Agri. "Get to the ship"Fallen Angel said as Kalor ran to the ship. "Crimson Phoniex"Fallen Angel screamed as he and Kalor flew back to the Light Kingdom.   

A story for everyone

Edited: 10.10.2019

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