Arc Blazers Year one

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In the Queen's secret vault the Kalor, Saria ,and the rest of the team began to make a plan on how to rescue Fallen Angel. "We'll have to do this slowly the defenses of the Dark Empire ar not to be taken lightly"Kalor said Megflare slamed his hand down on the table "SLOWLY ARE YOU KIDDING ME MY BROTHER IS A PRISONER OF THE ENEMY WE CAN'T JUST STAND BY,AND DO NOTHING WE MUST GO BUSTING GUNBLAZING"Megaflare said in great anger. 

"For someone in a leadership position you sure do have a lot of anger"Saria said "What are talking about don't act you  know how I feel"Megaflare said "I do understand I have lost my sister to this horrible war, the fact remains that I am the Queen and my people look to me for hope,and as I recall Kirk made you his second in second command meaning in his abscense you are the leader of the team which  means you need to keep your emotions in check"Saria said. 

Saphire walked over and put her hand on his shoulder "Cody she's right"Saphire siad "Yeah we will rescue Kirk I still owe him one he saved my life"Flashrunner said. "Ok let's go save Kirk"Megaflre said. Just as he said that Kalor drop to the ground and began laughing. Megaflare ran over to help him "What's wrong is he ok"Megaflare said "Oh I'm fine it's just that you poor fools aren't going anywhere"Kalor said as his eyes turned red and he began to transform into a vampire bat like monster armed with two sabers.

 "Flashrunner get the Queen out of here"Megflare ordered "On it"Flashrunner said as he ran the Queen out of the room "Emerald Minataur"Megaflare said as he transformed "Saphire Mermaid"Saphire said as she transformed "Topaz Garuda"Flasrunner said as he tranformed. "The Queen is secured"Flashrunner said "Good, alright guys let's take this thing down"Megaflare said they tried to fight back,but it was useless the monster kept beating them at every turn. As Fallen Angel was flying back he could sense the pain of his team.  

"Senra please I need to get to them Senra...........SENRA"Fallen Angel scremed he soon found himself in a sub-space where Natos was standing right in front of him."Natos why didn't you tell me"he asked "Because I didn't want you to suffer from my mistake,but I ask of you please forgive me and correct my mistakes"Natos said "I will and I forgive both of you,but please help me get to my team"Fallen Angel said "In order to get to them you must see them remember your training and concentrate"Natos said. Fallen Angel's began to glow and he began to see his team. His Crimson Phoniex transformed into a black bird that traveled at hyper sonic speed he soon made it to the battlefield. 

"Woah Fallen Angel how'd you get here,so fast"Flashrunner asked "I'll explain later now hurry we don't have a lot of time on me"Fallen Angel said "SHOUGUN TITAN"they all said together as they all fused into Shogun Titan. They began to fight and took the battle to the sky. "Spiral slade"Fallen Angel ordered as a barage of lasers erupted from Titan's wings, however the the monsters deflected the blast with it's sabers. "That had no effect on him"Flashrunner said "We need to try something else Fallen Angel"Saphire said "Already on it Saphire, arm cannons"Fallen Angel said. Shogun Titan began to blast lasers from it's arms,but it had no effect. The monster commbined it's sabers to create a super slash that hit Shogun Titan. "Maximum Surge"Fallen Angel said as Shogun Titan launched an orb of pure energy. The monster slashed it apart it then, used it's two sabers to create a nebula orb "Sheilds up"Fallen Angel ordered. When the orb iht knocked Shogun Titan out of they sky. 

The monster came down and began to bite down on Shogun Ttian draing it's energy.  "It's draining our energy"Saphire said "I can't move"Flashrunner said "Megaflare Nitro Cannon"Fallen Angel said "I can't"Megaflare said as they all felt their energy being drain out of them. Then, out of nowhere blast came and knocked the monster down it was the castle knights lead by Kalor looked through his bonoculars "Quickly we need to give the Arc Blazers time to recover Javalin Cannons fire"Kalor ordered they fired again keeping the monster down.  "Come on guys we've got some breathing room let's make the best of it"Fallen Angel said "Shogun Titan take fliet"they all said. "Photon Sword"Fallen Angel said "Come on guys give it everything you've got"Fallen Angel said "FINAL SHOGUN"they all screamed. Shogun Titan became empowered and became an unstoppable force. Then, finally slashed the monster in half, when the battle was over Fallen Angel told the team about happen in his time in the Dark Empire. 

"OH I'm so sorry" Saphire said "Are you gonna be ok"Megaflare "Don't worry I'm only concerned with taking down Agri"Fallen Angel said. "I'm glad to here we've found Agri his forces are heading for the  Altar tree I suspect that he's going to use the energy to end the war"Kalor said walking into the room. "Then, we need to stop them here and now"Flashrunner said "Interesting you say that there is something we can use follow me"Kalor said. The team followed him into a bay to see a giant commandship "It's called the Storm it can house every single warrior we have gathered from every single region simply put it's the strongest ship we have at our disposale"he said. "So what are we waiting for"Saphire said "For the Fallen Angel's orders"Kalor said "Let's go the time has come to end this war"Fallen Angel said.    

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Edited: 10.10.2019

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