Assistant's Curse (kamali: Book 2)

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In Case My Life Doesn’t Suck Enough, Let’s Throw in a Curse

Lee didn’t speak for several minutes after that and I was almost ready to shake the explanation out of him when he finally continued. “Are you familiar with the concept of reincarnation?”

“Past lives and such?” I shrugged. “Of course.”

“Most people never actually reincarnate,” he explained. “When someone dies, they tend to become a ghost until they pass on to the next realm. That’s it. There’s no popping into a new body to try again.”

Most people?” I prompted when he stopped talking.

“Your first dream was about a duchess who left her husband for a stable boy, correct?”

I nodded.

“There are certain items that give people control over the dead. These are ancient items and we can’t be sure where they come from, but the people who wield them have the potential to be quite dangerous. However, most of those people do not use the items because of the price they must pay. You can curse the dead, but your life will also be cursed. You can become immortal, but you will lose any wealth or power you have. There are other consequences, some of which I don’t even know about. It’s enough to make any holders pause. At most, they might use the items to gain power in a minor way. The smaller the use, the lesser the consequences.”

“I’m not sure your connecting your points very well,” Simon pointed out.

Lee ignored him. “The duke whose wife was stolen away was a bearer of a special ring. It had been passed down through his family for generations. I’m sure he was taught not to use it, but rage makes people do insane things.”

“Such as…”

He looked at me. “Ariel, when the duchess ran away with the stable boy, her husband decided to curse them. Now, he had no power over the living, so he had to wait until they died.”

“He did something to their ghosts?”

“Yes,” Lee said. “He brought them back to life.”

“Doesn’t sound like much of a curse.”

“He brought them back with no memories and with the curse attached to their souls,” he continued. “They will be reunited again and again, but one will betray the other, leading to tragedy. The duke saw this as a fitting punishment since he was betrayed by the woman he loved.”

“It didn’t look to me like he loved her,” I replied as I remembered the way I saw the duke treat Victoria.

“He believes he did and that is enough to motivate him. However, to maintain the curse, he cannot die, so he has kept himself alive for several centuries to watch the pair torment each other repeatedly.” He looked at me. “Do you understand what I am saying?”

I’ll admit I had to pause to think about it. “Am I supposed to be the stable boy in this scenario?” When Lee didn’t respond, I frowned. “So, the dreams I’ve been having are of my past lives. Is that what you’re saying?”

“You have lived and died more times than I can guess. One of you usually has the ability to see spirits. Sometimes, you even learn about the curse, it seems.”

“Then why haven’t we broken it?” I met his gaze. “There must be a way to track down this duke and stop this. I don’t want to be cursed!”

“It’s not that simple. If the organization had known when the curse was first enacted, they might have been able to do something. However, it took several reincarnations for anyone to catch on. In order to maintain the curse, the duke had to draw power from dark spirits. At this point, if we tried to break the curse, it would result in the release of hundreds of chaos demons, possibly thousands. The risk is too great for one or two people.”

I could only stare at him for a minute. “You said we both reincarnate, right?”

“More or less.”


“Well, the first one to die comes back as the anchor, so to speak. This doesn’t happen until both of you are dead, but the anchor grows up with a family and has a fairly normal life.” He paused. “Your life might not seem normal, but…”

“And what about the other one?”

“The second to die returns, but not until the anchor reaches maturity. We refer to that one as the vessel because they carry the curse. It will only be activated when the two are united.”

“So, this person will just pop up out of nowhere?”

“It won’t seem that way,” he explained. “She’ll just be there, as if she always has been. No one will realize she just appeared.”

Jessica Wright

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