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Morning Sunshine!

“James, go help your mother with the water pump.”

Turning away from the patch of dirt he had been digging at, James looked up to see the man still nailing fence posts together; his attention away from him now.

“But I’m tired.”

“We’re all tired bud.” The man continued hammering. “But we still gotta help each other.”

James frowned before letting out a defeated sigh. He turned around to face the small farmhouse and began jogging up the path. His eyes caught sight of their car parked in the dirt driveway. The back bumper was twisted and crushed, barely hanging on to the car’s end. Good thing they didn’t need to drive it much anymore. It wasn’t like there was place to drive to anyways. Looking back at the house’s front door, James made his way up on the porch and stepped inside.

The wood creaked under his feet as he began pacing down the hallway. The house was surprisingly bright without electricity. Sun shined in through the many windows, illuminating the space. James ran his hand along the walls, skipping over the few picture frames hung on them.


Following the voice, James turned the corner into the kitchen. Inside, knelt the woman. She wiped her grease covered hands on her pants as she looked over the water pump. It sat bolted by the back door, standing at height with the door knob.

The woman jumped when she spotted James looking back at her.

“You almost gave me a heart attack!”

“So I can start saying dammit now?”

“Ha ha very funny.” The woman scoffed. “Why are you back here?”

“He told me to help you.”

“Well tell him I’m perfectly capable of handling it myself.”

The woman nodded before taking the handle of the water pump. She pulled down on the lever only to hear a loud screeching sound in return.

“I think something’s stuck.” James shrugged.

“Oh really mister?” The woman climbed to her feet before putting her hands on her hips. “You think something’s stuck? I hadn’t thought of that one.”

James smiled back at her before she leapt on top of him. She caught him in her arms and pulled him close before messing with his hair and covering his cheeks with kisses.

“I should stick you in there huh? Maybe that’ll fix it!”

James and the woman laughed together a moment as he tried his best to get away from her hold, but to no avail. The minute of teasing passed by when suddenly the woman froze. Here eyes fixating on the front door.

“What?” James turned to see what she was looking at.

“I think your dad is talking to someone.” She whispered. “Stay here.”

James watched as the woman crept down the hallway. She slowed her pace even more so when she reached the door. Peaking through the peephole, she went still. The air falling silent.

James listened closely until he could hear what she had been talking about. The man’s voice was faint but he was definitely speaking to someone. Two other voices accompanied his own through the thin walls.

“Stay put. I’ll be right back.”

“Mom, wait-”

“I’ll be right back okay? Just don’t move.”

James swallowed his words as he watched the woman disappear through the doorway. He stayed staring at the empty air where she had vanished from, hoping for her sudden return.

The sound of that heavy door swinging shut echoed in his chest.


A throbbing feeling like a drum being beat came from the inside of James’ skull as he groaned into consciousness; the black slowly subsiding. His eyelids lazily blinked open and closed. A fog tangled with his senses as he tried to clear his blurred sight along with his mind. He was on his back; that much James knew. A few more moans and twitching of his fingers, James was able to make out the night sky above him. He tried to roll over. Nothing moved. At first, James had thought this was because of how disconnected he still was from his body, but this turned out to only be part of the reason. Pulling his chin over to his shoulder, James realized his arms were stretched out in the grass beside him. His wrists were bound in rope that ran outwards and around the bases of the nearest trees. The trunks became an anchor that held him down flat against the grass. Pulling his head upright, James realized the same thing had been done to his legs; the rope tightly knotted at his ankles. His limbs stretching out away from him gave James a new bout of panic. He was completely exposed, unable to move.

“Morning sunshine!”

James’ attention quickly snapped up above him. Standing over his face -just blocking out the moon- was the woman in the bunny mask. The neck of her bat sat snug on her shoulder as she stared down at him through the eye slits. Her long dark hair spilled out from behind the mask and between the plastic tall standing bunny ears. The mask itself was a pale white while the golden accents glittered around the edges, eyes and nose. Besides the mask, she wore a long dark leather jacket that flowed in jagged directions down to her knees. Different red and black feathers had been woven tightly together around the shoulders and down the back of it. Metallic studs had been stitched onto the front and arms of the jacket, shining in the firelight. Underneath that she wore ripped dark jeans and a pair of clunky black military boots on either foot. While the woman wasn’t a very large person, she was a very intimidating one.

She cocked her head towards the handle of the bat. “You seem a little confused there Werewolf. Something got your tongue?”


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