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What is the Author Spotlight?

The Author Spotlight is a tool created by our Writers Club Moderators to showcase litnet authors and their talents. Twice a month an author from The Writers Club will be picked at random to participate. 

The author does not necessarily have to be a #1 ranked author to be chosen.

If selected by our Moderator Emma Swan or Robyne em Vamp (HypGothic) you will be notified by Facebook Messenger or your Profile Comments section that you’ve been chosen. If you agree to do the interview you will be sent a list of questions we would like you to answer. Those will be edited into a transcript (question/answer format) and posted here in this book and in Notes online on the LitnetAuthor Page giving that author more exposure.

We will also share the post in The Writers Club. So, if you have any questions for the author you can ask them there. Just be sure to tag the author chosen so they know a question awaits for them.

The author's litnet profile link and book link will be placed at the end of each interview.

We will be offering 2 interviews a month. So, we will be Spotlighting 24 authors each year.


We are hoping to offer interviews in two different formats for authors to choose from, transcript or video.

We also, hope to be able to share the links with (the official litnet facebook page) to get you even more exposure (pending approval).

How can you participate?

Well, as we mentioned above, the author will be picked at random, but in order to even have a chance to be selected for an interview, you must LIKE and FOLLOW the LitnetAuthor Page (link can be found in our About Me section) so you can become a member of THE WRITERS CLUB.

Being a member of the club is our only criteria to be chosen.

Hope you enjoy reading about all your favorite litnet authors and perhaps a few you do not know so well but soon will. 


-litnet Authors

Litnet Authors

Edited: 19.08.2019

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