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Jake A. Strife

Interview by - HypGothic

Author- Jake A. Strife

Today in Author’s Spotlight HypGothic is speaking with Jake A. Strife.

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Jake A. Strife, a prolific author, screenwriter, and character designer.

(the A stands for Ashe). This is my pen name—I don’t care much for my legal name.


You have so many works published on Litnet, can you tell us how many novels you have written in total and how many of those are on Litnet?

I’m still in shock that I’ve written so many... The total number of novels is 22 and I’m 1/3 of the way through number 23. 

I’ll list them:

Omega Virus (books 1-7)

Dark Dayz (books 1-3)

Strange World (books 1 & 2)

Severed Chains (books 1 -4)

God Forge (books 1 & 2)

Crimson Wars (book 1)

…the other three are not mentionable for quality reasons…

I have published 14 of them on Litnet and plan to continue posting until they’re all on Litnet.


You seem to have a mixture of one-shots, novellas, and novels, in your catalog is that fair to say?

Yes, that’s pretty much true. Although the novellas were mostly experimental stories, such as a 2nd person perspective story (where the story happens to the reader), and a journal like story. The one-shots are for fun and could eventually turn into full-length stories.


In our chats back and forth, I believe that you have screenwriting in your sights, is that true?  Also, how would this compare to your writing style so far?

Yes, screenwriting is someone I’m aiming to get into. I took a 6-month screenwriting course several years ago, and now I’m taking a Master Screenwriting Certificate course (18-months long). I’ve written three screenplays so far.

Screenwriting is definitely a horse of a different color. I usually write in first person present, but screenwriting is pretty much third-person present. There are no solid ‘writing rules’ when it comes to screenwriting, so a lot of things that aren’t typically ‘allowed’ in novel writing are fine with a script. You can write anything and get away with it—if it sounds interesting and provides a mental visual.


Have you studied writing as a profession, hobby or skill set?

I originally went to school for animation and video game design. That was fun and was my career goal. I really wanted to be a character designer/modeler for games and movies. But when I took a Story Writing elective, I realized that writing was my passion—So I changed my major to Creative Writing for Entertainment. Character design is now my hobby.


How did you discover Litnet and what do you think of your experience using Litnet as your publishing site?

I believe I got a message on Wattpad from someone at Litnet saying it was launching soon and going into a Beta phase. They invited me to be amongst the first to join, so I signed up.

Litnet is great but has its and cons too. The readers seem to be more silent and are less likely to ‘like’ or ‘comment’ a story. There are some are features I hope they change a bit but overall, it’s great. I have around 300,000 reads between all my books.


Can you tell us a little about any future plans for more stories on Litnet?

I’m going to continue to post any future works on Litnet. All of my series are awaiting a sequel (Except Omega Virus—that series is complete…unless there’s demand for a side book in the same world… then maybe…).  I also plan to start more series as I finish the others. They will vary in book numbers, but no novel will be left as a stand-alone story. I love sequels.

The true secret to my books’ worlds is that they are a shared universe, much like the Marvel superhero movies. One day I’ll take a character from each of my first five main series and do an Avengers style mashup series. It’s going to be a lot of fun and I hope my readers stayed tuned for it!


I have noticed that you are a gamer, can you tell me about any games that perhaps inspire you to write or the reverse, would you ever consider writing a storyline for a game?  Some are very intricately woven, for example, Kojima’s Death Stranding.

Oh yeah, I was a gamer before I was anything else. Since the age of three or so. But the first game I really remember playing was Sonic the Hedgehog.

And video games have inspired me more than anything else.

My Omega Virus series is basically “Gamers vs. Zombies”. It’s filled to the brim with game references, and the villains are even an evil Game Development company bent on world domination. 

My most influential games were:

Resident Evil and Silent Hill. 

My first story ever was a short story, handwritten in a notebook. It was very similar to Silent Hill, called, “Silence” and took place in my hometown. I ended up writing six sequels for it. Sadly, all but the original was lost in moves. I still go back and look at that original and laugh at awful it was. I think I was ten years old.

And I’d love to write for video games. I write stories for my own Dungeons and Dragons games all the time.


You are doing very well on Litnet, so what does being a successful writer equate to with you?

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