Away from Home

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Chapter 1: Father's last words

20 year old student, Jojen Fade came home late night after his part time job at the construction site of building an under pass. His father saw him enter their straw-made door and walk along the wooden floors and walls of their little hut.

Today his father worked extra hard in the field of crops, but he gained nothing from that hardowrk. All he could do was wait for his salaries to come every end of the month. It was even raining when he worked in the fields, so his feet was somewhat swollen and his arms had bruised, probably from branches. He sat on their rocking chair, counting the remaining money as he listened on a radio.

Jojen greeted his father kindly as always, expecting the same kind of greeting he always get from his father. But this time his father wasn't happy. He was angry and questioned where Jojen had been. This stumped Jojen.

Jojen responded with a group project. A lie for his father not to worry even more. His father was an understanding man but a skeptic when he feels it wasn't right, something odd. He stopped counting all the money and placed them inside a cabinet. He looked at Jojen and said that this was Jojen's fifth time arriving midnight that began in the last five days.

He was so worried why his son began coming home late. So he asked a following question, about the topic of their group project.

Jojen lied again saying that it was for their mathematics-planning for a house that will be their project.

But his father didn't believe him, especially when he saw that Jojen had a manual instruction paper on his pants pockets. His father stood up and leaned to grab the paper. But Jojen grabbed and stopped his father. He doesn't want him to see it. But his father demanded His father became agressive and grabbed his collar, griping it hard. Jojen faltered down his strangtj as his father took the paper and read the instructions for the underpass that was being constructed at the highway.

His father knows the truth of his late comings. This made Jojen very guilty and began regretting joining the construction. But still he hadn't lost hope of helping his father with their earnings. He looked at him and saw his father's tears fell off like snow. He realized, this made Jojen even more guilty.

Jojen walked close to hug his father. He apologized and said about the raise of the school's tuition for the first semester. The payment would cost them their whole house. An extra work from Jojen would help him reach their savings for his tuition. But his father rejected him and told him to stop working and focus on his studies. He also told Jojen that he should just leave everything on his shoulders.

The door opened and He told Jojen that food was ready at the table. Jojen walked up towards it and lift the lid covering their dinner. A plate with a fish and a cup of rice, the other plate had nothing, an empty plate.

His father walked out the house back to work and since the plantation is close and wasn't going to be worthit when there's an upcoming storm. He went to the underpass construction and signed up as a worker who lied about his age. That's when he started working there for 6 months

During these months he said to Jojen that he should not worry and that his father will take care of the money. He was failing the tests, he could not think straight, and he always skipped his classes because of him getting his father do most of the work. That was when Jojen signed up as a janitor.

Every one in school who knew about Jojen laughed behind his back. Some students bullied and teased him. Teachers looked at him with disgust and during parent meetings, he always lie to his father and go transfer the collected trash to a truck.

He kept his job going smoothly. Their savings were raising and Jojen thought that he would make it.

Then a week later, during his play on the requim at the music lab. The principal called his attention wherein some nurse in a hosptial was asking for his presence for his father who got into an accident when a hollowblock hits his head.

Jojen rushed to the father and to his father with a hammering heart. He became emotionally unstable until he saw his father, laying on the hospital bed with a mask on his mouth.

Jojen sat next to him and wept like the child he was when he was 10. His father tapped his head and opened his eyes slightly towards Jojen. Jojen knew it was the last time he's going to see his father. His father smiled and wanted to say somewords but couldn't.

Jojen hugged him and came another pat from the back. Jojen leaned back and called him father once more and said that he shouldn't leave him. But it was too late. The doctors came hearing the endless ring of death in the hospital as they declared his death.



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