Away from Home

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Chapter 2: Out to the city


Jojen came home in a gloomy mood. The house was dark, alone, and silent. He used to see his father at the rocking chair listening to the radio but now he's gone. The bedroom was the first thin that came to his mind wherein he continued mourning and crying for his dead father until he fell asleep.

During next following days, he continued going to school. Nobody knew about Jojen's father's death, so he acted everything as if it was all normal. The day passed by with flying colors. He recieved an all out A after he saw his report card that was supposed to be for his father. But now that he was gone, what could he do with it?

Jojen looked at the back of the card and saw the overwhelming price needed to continue for the second semester. The price that would already cost him everything.

He went back home to look for the spare money that his father has left for him. A mere paper and three silver coins weren't enough. He was broke and soon fell into depression in the next following week. His friends and teachers left him alone after they have herd of his father's death. They didn't care about him at all. He had no money to buy food, no lunch, no proper uniform. All he had was paper, and ballpen inside a grocery bag.

Jojen's depression grew even more dangerous. He began thinking of suicidal thoughts. He even tried to commit one outside his house, using a rope hanged from a tree. Luckily wandering neighbors were there to stop him.

Jojen already had decided to stop going to school. He set himself on a new goal which was survival. In order to collect money, Jojen needed a job. The construction for the underpass has already finished so the closest job would be at the city. Which was far down at the base of the mountain.

There was a diner called Vegerly bun, and there he filled up the job as a waiter. The manager and his co waiters were strict. He doesn't know why they were always strict at him.

The pressure grew unbelievable and he fell down to it. Jojen trampled during his shift and broke a dozen glass. It was his first time breaking so many things and his first mistake in his job. But the manager was infuriated. Jojen was yelled in front of everyone, and he was fired because of his first mistake. He tried to make amends but the manager didn't had second thoughts, nor did his co workees who were just like the people when he was at school.

Jojen left the diner. He had no more place to go, not to his house because it was recently wrecked by the government who were clearing the land for their second operation. That operation was to build a transmittion center in order to raise communication and millitary power in thw country.

Day and night Jojen wandered endlessly in the streets. His stomach was always growling as his eyes feast on the food being served to customers at a restaurant. His only place where he could actually feel home were the alleys and under the bridges, where food, clothing, furnitures, and other things were dumped at garbage dumps.

Every midnight he secretly stays under a bridge to smoke, drink alcohol and deal drugs. This was his only salvation. To relieve the pain, and forget his memories of the past. But no matter how much he tried to forget about his father at the hospital, he just simply could not do it. His emotions were still there and held his memories with him together. Everytime Jojen think about his father he could recall the happy moments he had been with him He was always able to relive his life with him in his memories, yet that did not stop him in satisfying his own wants and needs.

Every day he walked around the city to steal other people's wallets. Especially one time where he found a paper money floating on the river. It was fake, he knew it but still he traded it with the drug dealers underneath the bridge and at the dark corners of the alleys.

Everything seemed to become a part of his daily routine. It became normal for him to deal drugs and commit henious crimes. He became known in the city as the 'silent weeper' because of the tears that always ran down his face beneath the sunglasses he always wore.

His silence was broken until the sound of the wailing cops came by and arrested them. That was also the time of betrayel that he could never forget, where the friend that Jojen made, his drug dealer, had called them out for money he got with making a deal with the cops. Unexpectedly these cops work under scientists. These scientists experiment on criminals to turn them into robots that are loyal to their creaters for the upcoming world war.



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