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My head feels like its been attacked by a monster truck and thunder from the gods above. I sit up, in a living room that doesn't belong to the Millers, and my eyes widen. There are shirtless people strewn around the carpet, beer bottles open and abandoned on the carpets, clothing belonging to unknown human beings hanging from lamps and I feel like I've been pulled into a Kesha music video. 
I get up when I feel like my head is about to blow. The light coming in through the large ass window ahead of me is bright enough to blind everybody in this room. I want to insult somebody, I want to insult myself, I also never want to drink again. How do people do this every weekend? I feel like I survived an apocalypse but came back with a knife in my brain. I can barely remember anything from the night before and I'm wearing a strangers clothing for God knows what reason. I recall drinking, dancing with my friends and obviously vomiting on Romer's shoe but that's it.
I kick passed bodies, things that feel like bodies and other unknown objects as I blindly make my way to a dark corridor. I'm looking for water but also trying to avoid the intense light so I'm moving about with a hand covering the top of my eyes. This which doesn't make any sense. Also the bad thing about alcohol, kills brain cells people. 
I do reach a kitchen and thank God it's not only empty of people but empty of light. 
I don't need Asher to see my bed head, alcohol breath, creepy looking me in the morning. Under the sink, I rinse my face long enough for my skin to come off. When I turn around, I jump at the sight of Romer. Shirtless. 
He runs in, completely unaware that I'm present, closes the double black doors behind him and slumps back against the kitchen island. 
"Fuck," he says. 
He has his over tattooed back facing me, sure, but I begin to silently laugh as he sighs in relief. When he slowly turns around, he jumps when he sees me. 
I cringe as the pins in my head begin to dance. 
"Good morning to you too," I fake smile.
I move to the fridge and find a bottle of water that hasn't been opened. Before I can smile gleefully at it, or even think to open it, it's grabbed out of my hands. 
I face the theif. 
"What are you doing?"
Romer doesn't answer and that's mostly because he's chugged down half of the bottle of water. 
I glare at him as he raises his index finger as a 'hold on' gesture. 
Ignoring him, I turn to the fridge and fish out another bottle of water. I open it and push it to my mouth but it's grabbed out of my hands before I can even taste it. 
This time I decide to fight for it. 
I shove his head away, which takes much effort because I'm weak and also he's very tall, and end up spilling some of the water all over his torso. He sighs joyfully but not before grabbing me to him with his arm. 
I'm stuck in the crook of his elbow like an animal, I'm irritated and angry enough to attempt to murder him. I back us up against the kitchen table as he tries to pour the water into his mouth. 
When the drops then fall onto me, I'm too focused to care. His arm loosens and I turn around in his grip and smack the bottle out of his hands. 
We both watch it in mid air, as if on slow motion, as it flies through the air and lands, successfully, on its base. 
Grinning, I shove his entire torso away from me and lunge for the bottle. I release a laugh as he pulls my leg back but I already have the bottle in my hand. Romer trips over my leg and joins me on the floor. Sadly for me he's still trying to get the bottle out of my hands. With my left, I'm drinking and with my right I'm shoving his face and hands away from me. I only manage 3 gulps before he smacks my hand and  we both watch as the water dribbles down out of the bottle onto the floor. 
And then Destiny, Judd and Asher walk into the kitchen.
Destiny, for some strange reason, doesn't look too pleased whereas Asher seems to be the only one who might have a clue of what just happened. 
Its not a great sight for ones crush to see, I know. Romer is shirtless, and on top of that, he's on top of me. Romer and I are also both very wet and both very stuck together. His face is basically in the crook of my neck. If I were Asher, I would have stormed out by now but I remind myself that Asher probably doesn't even really like me like that. 
Romer is the first to rise. His grey eyes laugh at me as he extends a hand. 
I smack it away. 
"You owe me water, prick."
Judd, who's been gaping at us since he walked through the door, finally opens his mouth. 
"Aj there's water in the panty. Over 100 bottles."
I scowl at Romer. He definitely knew that tiny fact as we were fighting for a few droplets. 
I glare at him, anger boiling now, "You-"
He skips away from me before I can protest. 
"This is what you snuck out to do?" Destiny shocks us all when she speaks. 
Romer and the rest of the room stare at her like she's an alien. 
"No," Romer defends, "She found me here."
The nerve of this freak.
I remember Romer running through to the kitchen and a light bulb goes on in my head. 
"Aj, is that true?" 
I turn to Destiny, eyes wide, and then look to Romer - who I would love to humiliate right now- but I realize I don't want to humiliate my friend. 
I nod my head wondering if I've picked his side more than hers. Romer sends me a relived look and for some strange reason I'm pleased that I helped him even though I just fooled my best friend. 
Asher moves towards me with a paper towel in hand. I smile as I take it from him wondering what to say. 
"Morning," I say. "Hangovers make you do stupid things, I guess."
Asher turns towards Romer, who's leaving with Destiny, and laughs. 
"Nah," he smiles, "he does this to me all the time."
I smile, feeling much much better. 
Asher nods. "He grabbed the water, right?"
I nod, grinning.
Asher looks over the dead and empty water bottle and grins.
"And then smacked it out of your hands I presume?"
I nod, again, this time laughing. 
"He's a freak," I laugh, "I don't know how his friends take him seriously."
He brags the towel from me and moves to throw them in the bin. Such a gentleman. 
"That goes for you too, right?"
I frown.
Asher raises a brow. 
"Him and I..." what are Romer and I?  "We aren't friends. He's more like that guy at University you grew up with. But we aren't friends."
Asher nods, although he looks confused. 
"You guys get along," he states. "I've seen it here and also at home."
"We just argue."
Asher nods, "And place feet on too of each other."
I frown. 
What on heavens earth is he talking about. 
"Yesterday?" he seems to catch on to my confusion. "On the sofa upstairs."
My eyes widen. I don't remember a thing. I remember vomiting on Romer but that's it. After that my night is pretty foggy. 
"What did I do to Romer?"
Asher seems to withdraw, he looks a bit saddened as he leans on the kitchen counter. 
"You..." he trails off and shakes his head. "You can't remember anything?"
I hope it isn't bad or embarrassing or even frightening for Asher not me. I know that it wasn't sexual, Romer would have laughed at me all morning. 
"I vomited on Romer in the master suite," I explain, "after that I have no idea what I did." 
I stare blankly at Asher, awaiting his answer, but he doesn't budge.
He smiles, randomly, and moves towards me. He places his arm over my shoulder and sighs. 
"It doesn't matter," he says, "you and I still enjoyed ourselves last night."
I smile unevenly.
"Okay," I nod, "thankfull, we have more nights to enjoy."
He walks with me to the door and I enjoy being under his arm. 
"Just don't forget them next time."
I wouldn't for the world. 

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