Baby Contract: A Deal with a Dragon

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Chapter 2

Lu Meili can see how the man intently stares at her. It would be understandable if he is still hostile, upset for being bounded as a beast.


"Can you move closer?" His voice is rough and tight. Probably because he is trying to suppress his beast that is already on the surface, "I promised that I won't bite," he added to eagerly to make her feel suspicious.


"I prefer to stay here." Lu Meili stated as she stands next to the bed,  her attention is back to his prick that is now hard enough. Reaching curiously, her fingers wrapped around his erected length.


He is so warm on her palm, add to the tiny spark that she feels whenever their skin touched, Lu Meili finds the feeling nice.


Before she can curiously touch further, she heard him groan, "Sweet huntress, that is not enough," He uttered sounding that he's in pain. "Please do not torture me…" He begged.


Lu Meili removed her hand from his hardness. Even with her curiosity, she still does not want her donor to be in pain.


"Not enough? How many women then?" she asked with indifference, referring to the number of women that should be on the sex tutorial.


If he can get this hard because of the females being intimate, she believes that he can maintain it for a long time until she got her specimen if there are more women on screen.


"How many?" he asked, "Is this why you tied me up? I am a dragon, my sexual appetite is not easily satisfied. Please understand. This is normal for us, but they are nothing special. It is just a normal thing to lose some stress and to relax. But- " He explained sounding so worried as he continued ranting about his instantiable stamina.


"Stop. That is enough. So five  is still too few?" Lu Meili asked brows wrinkled deep. Not waiting for him to answer, she already commanded her NanoGen, "Lulu replace the scene with hundreds of females."


"Yes, master. Initializing search, largest lesbian orgy in X quadrant."  Lulu responded with its robotic voice.


Lu Meili nodded as it is probably the best choice if they are looking for hundreds of females. Though she has siblings that enjoy such pleasures, Lu Meili is not really so fund of a group sexual activity.


"Lulu, add Q quadrant." She suddenly suggested since there is a planet on that quadrant that is famous for divinity rituals that involve sexual sacrifices. One of her sisters is a regular tourist on that planet and  Lu Meili is most of the time the one who is responsible to bring her back home.


"Understood master." The image on the virtual screen then was replaced with a loading bar. Then quick images flashed continuously confirming that search is being done.


"Wait! Stop!" The man on the bed shouted, his eyes closed, his body rigid as he clenched his fists tightly. He is breathing so hard, that it made her frown.  


"Lulu stop." She said before sitting on the bed next to him to check what is wrong with him. Touching his chest to feel his beating heart, she was able to confirm that he may not be on best of health, with the way his heart beats so erratic.


"Yes, master. Search canceled."  


"Scan the donor's physical stats. Check for any health issues." Lu Meili commanded, watching the man carefully. He is now watching her intently, eyes flickering with emotions that she does not want to understand.


The virtual screen slowly morphed into a triangular blue light that slowly moved to the man's body. Lulu's scan started from his foot slowly going upwards.


As the scan proceeds, her eyes followed the light's movement. He is dark skinned, just like most dragon shifters who enjoys being under the sun. They are also the type to not care about their nudity, proud with the physical advantages that the race was blessed with.


Her sisters would like such sight. He should pass as someone who is muscled in the right places. The man's face as well could be considered handsome, coming from her that have traveled almost to all open areas of the space, that is a serious compliment.


Lu Meili eyes held his gaze for more than a second before following the blue light's trail until it disappeared after scanning his fists.


"Blood pressure, normal. Sugar count, normal. Body temperature, abnormal. Heartbeat, abnormal." Lulu's health report broke her line of thoughts. "Overall findings, abnormal for humans. Normal for horny dragons."


"Normal?" Lu Meili asked from her NanoGen as she picked it up not far away from the man's feet.


Its current form is Buddha bracelet because she doesn't want it to get any attention. Anyone who realized that she has a miniature version of a supercomputer on her wrist is always a nuisance.


She always likes to keep her things in lowkey, even more so when she started to travel different Universes.


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