Batman Season 1: City of Crime

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Chapter Two: Joe Chill

(This chapter ended up being longer than chapter one, but it is much more action oriented and I hope you all enjoy.

Chapter 2 Joe Chill

The sun slowly rose over Gotham, the bright sky illuminating the dark and chaotic city. Bruce Wayne made his way through Wayne Manor as he adjusted his tie before walking into the kitchen of the Manor where Alfred sat reading a newspaper. "Attack on City Hall stopped, multiple men and women injured, police working to stop both Batman and Black Mask." Alfred read quietly as he set the paper down, Bruce looking over at him for a moment as he then glanced at the newspaper. "Alfred, you should know by now they'll write anything that sells papers," Bruce said quietly as he walked past Alfred gently patting the butler on the back. "Besides, the people I saved don't think that." He said as he fixed his collar for a moment before looking at Alfred. "I'll be back after work, you just take the day off and worry about yourself for today Alfred," Bruce said quietly as Alfred sighed before slowly nodding. "I'll try Master Bruce." He said for a moment as Bruce walked outside slowly entering a limo as he was driven towards Wayne Industries.

The limo pulled up outside of Wayne Industries as Bruce stepped outside closing the door and heading into Wayne Industries. "Good Morning Mr. Wayne." The lady at the front said as Bruce smiled heading into the elevator and up to his office as he made his way through the hallway. "Good Morning Mr. Wayne." Said a female voice as Bruce turned to look at his secretary with a smile. "Good morning Caroline," Bruce said as he looked at her, she had red hairs and wore a green outfit with glasses. "Do you have my to-do list for the day?" Bruce asked as Caroline slowly handed him a clipboard. "Yes sir, I also emailed it to you." She said as Bruce nodded before entering his office. "Don't forget about the meeting with Mr. Sionis at ten!" She yelled out as Bruce nodded before entering his office as he shut the door behind him before approaching his desk as he slowly set down. "Right then, now it's about time I get to work." He said quietly as he slowly opened his laptop signing into it. "Just a few papers and that's all before the meeting." He said quietly as he began his work for the day.

The sound of a phone ringing slowly filled Bruce's office as he tapped a button answering the call. "Mr. Wayne, Mr. Sionis is here, would you like me to send him in?" His secretary asked as Bruce slowly closed his laptop before standing up as he smiled. "Yes, please send him in, you can go and head to get lunch as well," Bruce said before hanging up as he approached the front of his desk slowly leaning against it as he adjusted his suit, the door to his office slowly opening as a man wearing a dark blue suit walked in, his hair was combed neatly and was a dark brown, his eyes were also brown. "Thanks for having me here Mr. Wayne, I needed to discuss something urgently with you." The man said as Bruce looked at him before gesturing for the man to take his seat as he quickly did.

"What is it that you need Roman?" Bruce slowly asked as he approached a large bottle of wine as he slowly poured two glasses as he approached Roman handing him the glass as he took it, his hands clenching the glass tightly as he quickly downed it. "Look, I really hate to ask you this Bruce, but I need money again, I'm still working on paying you back, but Janus Cosmetics is losing money fast, I'm trying to fix it though I swear," Roman said as Bruce looked at him for a moment as he sighed. "This is the third time this year, I wanna help Roman, I really do but I can't keep loaning you money to save your company," Bruce said quietly as Roman slowly clenched his fist before slamming it on the nearby table. "Damnit, Bruce!! I just need a little more time!!" He yelled out causing Bruce to slowly curl his hand into a fist. "Look, Roman, the only other option I have is to buy your company, but if I do that you can't stay as the president of Janus Cosmetics." He said quietly as Roman slowly looked up at him as he quickly lifted himself up. "JANUS COSMETICS IS MY FAMILIES COMPANY!! THEY PUT EVERYTHING INTO IT!! I'm not going to step down or sell my company, my family has worked too hard on it just for you Wayne's to come and fuck everything up, then again maybe that's what all you Wayne's are good for." Roman said as he quickly stood up and began to walk out of Bruce's office, a small sigh escaping his lips as he watched the man leave.

Once Roman was gone Bruce slowly approached his chair again as he slowly went to sit down before his phone quickly began to ring, his eyes looking at the number to see a call from Jim Gordon as he slowly answered it. "Something wrong Jim?" Bruce slowly asked into the phone as he heard Jim slowly sigh, the sigh giving Bruce a feeling that things weren't all right. "One of my friends at Blackgate called me today, he said that Joe Chill wanted to talk," Jim said quietly as he slowly held his phone a bit tighter. "He wants to talk with you, Bruce," Jim said quietly as Bruce slowly stood up, his heart slowly pounding as he gripped his phone tightly in one hand. "I'll head to Blackgate during my lunch break, I would like to speak with him alone," Bruce said quietly before hanging up as he slowly made his way out of Wayne Industries and towards a red Mustang as he slowly got inside. "Not one of my fanciest cars, but it will do for now," Bruce said quietly as he made his drive towards the prison that held some of the most dangerous criminals, Blackgate Penitentiary.


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