Behind the Eight Ball

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Chapter 3 - Best Friends and Crazy Ex's

"What was that about?" Tyler asks once I catch up to him.

Tyler and I have been friends since he beat me up in the playground in the third grade. It's a guy thing. Needing to vent I catch him up to speed.

"That's messed up. She just totally left you hanging because of a key chain?"

Just knowing he agrees with me made me feel better. "Can you believe it?"

Brynn argues. No...states things with such conviction I began to question my own judgment.

"I'd just leave it alone. She sounds like a whole bag of crazy," Tyler says as we approach our English Lit class.

"Yeah, I guess." Although I agree, I somehow get this feeling in the pit of my stomach that my run in with Brynn wasn't over by a long shot. She got under my skin like a bug bite that you know you really should leave alone but just have to scratch even though you know its only going to make things worse.

"Talking of crazy," Tyler says as we take our seats, "how are things going with the ex?"

Just thinking of Jessica causes an audible groan to escape my lips. Now, SHE was a bag of crazy. We dated only a few months and now that we broke up she won't leave me alone, which is ironic really since we broke up because I had gotten tired of every date being, whether or not we were alone or in public, her taking selfies, texting on her phone to her friends and updating her online status. Self-absorbed didn't even scratch the surface of describing this girl's love of herself.

Tyler lets out a deep hearty chuckle, "That good, huh?"

"You have no idea." Before I get the chance to explain, our teacher Miss Valentino walks in.

"How do I love thee ... Let me count the ways! That's right, ladies and gents we are moving on to sonnets. Starting with that lovable poet and playwright Shakespeare. Open up your text to page fifty-seven."

Now there were several audible groans coming from the class in unison. Nothing like a Shakespeare's Sonnet to bring a class together.

I look over to Tyler to say something sarcastic but he has that dreamy look on his face again. Ever since Mr. Kearns left and we got Miss Valentino a twenty-something, leggy, and attractive by anyone standards replacement, Tyler was no fun in English class. He had a major teacher crush.

"I love your mocha skin. The length of your legs especially in those sweet heels you like to wear..."

"Enough, Ty. It was rhetorical," I say, throwing a wad of crumpled paper at his head to shake him out of it.

"What?" He looks at me dazed and confused.

"You were doing it again."

"Out loud?!"

I feel sorry for him for a second, as he looks seriously panicked.

"She didn't hear, chill."

His body visibly relaxed. "You think I can ask her out, once we graduate?"

What do you say to a question like that?

I opted for, "Maybe? Not sure what the ruling is on that one."

"Isn't that right, Tyler?" Ms. Valentino says and my best friend head shoots up.


Patiently I waited for him to say something, anything. "Ty?" I say through gritted teeth and under my breath. "Say something."

Tyler shakes his head to clear the fog and says, "Absolutely."

"Thanks so much for volunteering to read the next sonnet," she says beaming at him.

I can feel the sigh that emanates from my friend, as he reads,

"As fast as thou shalt wane, so fast thou grow'st

In one of thine, from that which thou departest;

And that fresh blood which youngly thou bestow'st

Thou mayst call thine when thou from youth convertest."

Why can't Shakespeare just speak prose like everyone else?

Never was I more grateful to hear a bell ring than the one that ended English class, but my enthusiasm quickly diminished when I saw who was approaching as I wade my way through the ocean of bodies to my next class. Jessica.

"Good luck with that," Tyler said giving me a pat on the back as we weren't going to the same class, and he then exits stage left.

Damn, she's seen me. I watch as Jessica jumps up and down waving her hand frantically trying to get my attention. Maybe I can pretend I don't see her. And maybe I can pretend not to notice the nose at the end of my face.

A not so real smile gets plastered on my face and I give a quick salute before trying to duck down the next hall. Too many bodies in the way. She is now forcibly pushing people aside to get to me. "Please, Please, Please leave me alone", I chant quietly in my head.

Before she gets to me I feel a strange tapping sensation at the middle of my back. I turn and look down to see Brynn looking up at me. She really is a tiny little thing, if I hugged her I think her head would be somewhere around my solar plexus. Why was I thinking of hugging her? Never mind.

She has a piece of paper folded in her hand and seems to be waiting patiently for me to take it from her. So I do. Right before I'm spun around and face-to-face with Jessica. She tries to look around me and for some reason I block her from doing so, perhaps I just don't want Brynn subjected to Jessica's brand of crazy. She already seems to have her own plate full. Curiosity gets the better of me however as I too check over my shoulder but she has already disappeared. How does she do that?

A hand was pulling my cheek back to center. Jessica's hand. I quickly pocket the note. Jessica was beautiful but it was what lies under the surface that made me call it quits. Her honey blonde hair was long and perfectly styled, her makeup expertly applied. She could be the next Cover Girl Model. Right now her glossy pink lips were making a pouty face at me.


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